Test Cover Image of:  Benedetto Croce and the Birth of the Italian Republic, 1943-1952

Benedetto Croce and the Birth of the Italian Republic, 1943-1952

Providing a year-by-year account of Benedetto Croce’s initiatives, author Fabio Fernando Rizi fills the gap in Croce’s biography, covering aspects of his public life often neglected, misinterpreted, or altogether ignored

Author Information


Fabio Fernando Rizi was born in Italy and received his Ph.D. from York University. He was President of the Dante Society of Toronto for several years, and worked for the Toronto Public Library until his retirement. His first book, Benedetto Croce and Italian Fascism, is also published by University of Toronto Press


Philip Cooke, Professor of Italian History and Culture, University of Strathclyde (Glasgow):

"Taking up from the earlier work, Benedetto Croce and Italian Fascism, this book is largely based around Croce’s own writings, notably his diaries, which are fundamental primary sources. Fabio Fernando Rizi’s engagement with his subject matter and his enthusiasm for Croce and for modern Italian history is clear, while his familiarity with Croce’s writings is quite impeccable."

Massimo Verdicchio, Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies, University of Alberta:

"There is a great need for this type of work. Benedetto Croce and the Birth of the Italian Republic fills a lacuna in Croce’s scholarship and addresses many of the misunderstandings created around the political figure of Croce in that period. To be sure this is state-of-the-art research and makes a very valuable and serious contribution to Croce scholarship."

Charles L. Leavitt IV, Department of Romance Languages and Literatures, University of Notre Dame:

"This is an important book that offers a novel approach both to a significant cultural figure and to a momentous historical period. Re-considering the philosopher Benedetto Croce by focusing on his career as a political actor, and re-examining Italy’s post-Fascist transition through Croce’s political endeavours, Fabio Fernando Rizi provides illuminating insights into both topics simultaneously."

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