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Tobacco Control

Comparative Politics in the United States and Canada

This book is a revealing exploration and comparison of the development of North American policies and the influence these policies are having in the attempt to regulate a major international business in the interests of public health.

Author Information

StudlarDonley T.:

Donley T. Studlar has been Eberly Family Distinguished Professor of Political Science at West Virginia University since 1993. His most recent book is Britain: Decline or Renewal? (Westview Press; 1996) and he is the author of more than 70 articles published in books and distinguished journals including: American Political Science Review, British Journal of Political Science, Canadian Journal of Political Science, and >Comparative Political Studies.


Leslie R. Alm, Boise State University:

This book is a must-read for anyone interested in the development and status of tobacco control in Canada and the United States. If used only as a reference tool, it is worth the price. It is extremely well written and provides a plethora of details about the evolution of tobacco policy. Moreover, it provides a meaningful framework with which to approach Canada-United States comparisons in any substantive area.

George Sulzner, University of Massachusetts:

This book is the definitive study of Tobacco Control policies in the United States and Canada, two countries that have been the world leaders in this policy area. A product of immense scholarship, the monograph is valuable in part for its many analytic perspectives includingamong many, comparative history and politics, public policy theory, and the internationalization of the policy process. Moreover, the clarity of writing widens the potential audience beyond that of specialists in the field. A must book for courses inPublic Policy, it will be a welcome addition as well to courses in Comparative Politics, Canadian Government, and American Government courses.

Thomas Stephens:

Donley Studlar's analysis is essential reading for newcomers to tobacco control and useful for anyone else curious about what remains our #1 preventable cause of death.

Kenneth Kyle, The International History Review:

The book is remarkable from the standpoint of being not only accurate international history - the tobacco-control movement in Canada and the United States - but at the same time accomplishing this through the lens of political science. This has not been done before.

Roberta Ferrence, University of Toronto:

Donley Studlar has produced a book that will be of interest to tobacco researchers, health advocates, and practitioners, as well as students of political theory. This unique volume compares tobacco control policy in Canada and the United States and draws on political theory toexplain patterns of tobacco control policy historically. Importantly, it also suggests possible future developments and puts the specific policies into a global context.

Raymond Tatalovich, Loyola University Chicago:

Tobacco Control is a ground-breaking work in comparative policy analysis. This study chronicles a fundamental transformation in tobacco policy, from the cozy cartel of government and Big Tobacco to today's social movement politics. Tobacco Control is must reading for anyone interested in public policy and comparative government.

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