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Jenseits der Therapie

Philosophie und Ethik wunscherfüllender Medizin

Series: KörperKulturen

Perfect appearance and eternal youth, intelligence and creativity, strength and concentration: today's medicine seeks to meet all of these demands. Whether anti-aging, cosmetic surgery, neural enhancement, or gene doping - in addition to their classic therapeutic contract, medical services increasingly aim for the target of wish fulfillment as medicine for healthy people with no prerequisite indications of illness. After a philosophical investigation of the importance of desires and needs, Tobias Eichinger analyzes the theoretical foundations wish-fulfilling medicine. He shows how medical aid beyond therapy can lead to significant ethical problems.


»Das Buch zeigt auf medizinisch-anthropologisch hohem Niveau kritische Zugänge zu aktuellen Fragen der sogenannten wunscherfüllenden Medizin.«
F. Kummer, Imago Hominis, 22/1 (2015)

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