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Mythen, Propaganda und Alltag in der DDR und in der Bundesrepublik

There is nothing more symbolic of German postwar history and the division of the country than the Berlin Wall.
Eduard Heinrich Führ narrates the history and the post-Wall history of the border between the two German states. He analyzes the architectural structures in terms of material culture, places them in the context of the additional military and cultural-political safeguards and provides a critical discussion of ideological instrumentalizations, narratives and everyday practices. The study shows that the 'antifascist bulwark' in the GDR, just as 'The Wall' in the West, has always been more than a mere material instrument of the Cold War; the Wall has contributed immensely to the creation of national identities and their anti-cultures in East and West. It is older than its physical structures and has survived its fall.

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