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What role can and should humanism play in the Era of Globalization?
Hilmar Kallweit critically discusses and reconstructs the sustainability of anthropological and ethical explanatory schemes which have been guiding humanism since ancient times.
Using pertinent sources from the two main phases of post-classical humanism, rhetorical humanism of the early modern era, and classical humanism on the threshold of modernity, he develops implications for an awareness program, which can provide humanism with renewed validity and cultural orientation skills.


»The study offers a very thorough and detailed analysis of various forms of humanism as well as of the conditions for such thinking in our present globalized and pluralistic world.«
Pia Heidemeier, International Journal of English Studies, 26/2 (2015)

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Zeitschrift für Internationale Freimaurerforschung, 37 (2017), Helmut Reinalter

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