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Ethik im Kunstmarkt

Werte und Sorgfaltspflichten zwischen Diskretion und Transparenz

The art market has fallen into disrepute. It is becoming increasingly common to read of auction records in the millions, but also of forgery scandals, art theft, and illegal excavations. Blind faith and the hope of high returns interfere with questions about the origin of works. However all players in the »art system« have a special responsibility navigating the tense zone between confidentiality and transparency. How can this responsibility cope? How might an art market ethics actually look and on what values and value systems might it be based? Ulli Seegers explores these questions and shows that the globalized art market requires a change in due diligence.


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Artinvestor, 4 (2014)

Edition: 1. Aufl.
Audience: Professional and scholarly;