Test Cover Image of:  Die Grenze »Mensch«

Die Grenze »Mensch«

Diskurse des Transhumanismus

Edited by: Felix Hüttemann and Kevin Liggieri

In the media and in academia, there are few topics more fiercely debated than that of posthumanism. This volume inquires into the knowledge formation of the biological, philosophical and medial self-displacement of the human in anti-, post-, and transhumanism. The articles investigate how practices inscribe themselves into discourses, and what effects the subversion of the »human« has: what sort of boundaries are created? What sort of possibilities arise? Contributors from Philosophy, Neuroscience, and Media Studies, including Christina Brandt, Nick Bostrom, Ron-Cole Turner, Steve Fuller und Oliver Müller, throw light on the limits of the »human«.

Edition: 1. Aufl.
Audience: Professional and scholarly;