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Ist Mode queer?

Neue Perspektiven der Modeforschung

Edited by: Gertrud Lehnert and Maria Weilandt

Can Fashion Be Queer? The combination of clothing, accessories and styles has long since become standard in fashion, along with unisex as a trend of urban fashion design. Can the concept of queerness then be applied to fashion in any way? If it is possible to use objects and styles to constantly shift and re-constitute meaning in a fashion context, do such acts then also have the potential to make codes such as gender ambiguous and to set them in motion? This volume presents systematic reflections and exemplary analyses on the relationship between queerness and fashion in a German-language context for the first time, in the process, opening up fashion, gender and queer studies to new perspectives.


»Eine kulturwissenschaftliche Anthologie, deren Lektüre trotz des theoretischen Charakters eine kurzweilige und inspirierende ist.«
www.aviva-berlin.de, 13.04.2017
»Den Unterschied zwischen queer agierender Mode und inzwischen modisch gewordener Queerness herauszuarbeiten, gleichzeitig aber auch wieder zu hinterfragen, ist das Verdienst des Bandes.
Ein Beispiel für eine undogmatisch-queer argumentierende Wissenschaft.«
Julia Bertschik, www.literaturkritik.de, 04.02.2017

Besprochen in:
Spex, 372 (2017), Sonja Eismann

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