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Organizing Networks

An Actor-Network Theory of Organizations

Reihe: Sozialtheorie

What are organizations? Where do they come from? How are they transformed and adapted to new situations? In the digital age and in the global network society, traditional theories of the organization can no longer answer these questions. Based on actor-network theory, this book explains organizations as flexible, open networks in which both human and non-human actors enter into socio-technical assemblies by constantly negotiating and re-negotiating programs of action. Organizations are not macro social structures or autonomous systems operating behind the backs of individuals. Instead, they are scalable actor-networks guided by network norms of connectivity, flow, communication, participation, authenticity, and flexibility.


Andréa Belliger is director of Learning Services at the University of Teacher Education in Lucerne and also director of the Institute for Communication & Leadership. Her research focuses on digital transformation, new media, communication science, e-health, and fintech.
David J. Krieger is director at the Institute for Communication & Leadership in Lucerne, Switzerland. His research focus lies on new media, communication, system theory, and network theory.


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