Test Cover Image of:  Ersatzglieder und Superhelden

Ersatzglieder und Superhelden

Beiträge zu Vergangenheit und Zukunft der Prothetik

Edited by: Christoph Asmuth and Sybilla Nikolow

The First World War stands paradigmatically for the mobilisation of the body through prosthetics. This firstly began with the development of replacement parts which could compensate for physical defects/disadvantages. Today, the digitalisation and miniaturisation of technology offers even further possibilities for prosthetic improvement. The contributions to this volume address the functional changes of modern prosthetics and the societal expectations regarding the optimisation of the body via the use of 'Anthropofacts'. They discuss old and new visions of prosthesis and ask: will technical enhancement of humans inevitably turn them into superheroes? And what meaning do these developments have for our self-image?

Audience: Professional and scholarly;