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. Yet had they hunted instead, or in addition, for more generous interpretations, they almost surely would have found them.” (Gabriel Stolzenberg, “Reading and Relativism: An Introduction to the Science Wars”, in: Keith M Ashman/ Philip S. Bahringer, (eds), After the Science Wars, London 2001, pp. 33–65, 34. Quoted in F. Kelleter: “A Tale of Two Natures”, p. 159, n.3.) 49 | F. Kelleter: “A Tale of Two Natures”, pp. 161, 162, 183, 186, 166. 50 | See Steven Tötösy de Zepetnek,: “Empirical Science of Literature/Constructivist Theory of Literature”, in


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radicalizing treatment of this problem in literature and art, see Klaus Theweleit: Buch der Könige. Bd. 1: Orpheus und Eurydike. Basel: Stroemfeld/Roter Stern 1988. Legends of the Origins of Hate | 45 Märchen, Sagen, Epen lebendig – bis hin zum ›Nordlicht‹-Epos Theodor Däublers« (DMF 307–308). This is basically Bachofen’s theory of literature, which sought to uncover the traces and commemorations of a superseded matri- archy in the myths of the patriarchal cultures of antiquity. This thesis is merely adopted by Sombart, without scrutinizing or significantly

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future.2 If one wants to understand how moments of historical continuity concur with those of discontinuity, then several factors or more precisely: above all the “translations” between these factors have to be considered in order to re- construct the new associations resulting from this. Below I would like to provide some cornerstones of a theory of literature in computer-based media and fore- shadow some promising perspectives of further research. We will have to con- sider and this will be a constitutive part of my suggestions whether analo- gous to Latour