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, jay walking can be understood as a subversion of traffic rules, as it means crossing the street in a non-designated area. The only means of mobility in the “ghetto” envi- ronment of “The Message” is walking. By walking, the performers challenge 164 Poetic Resurrection their own physical, social, geographic, and economic immobilities. Their en- ergetic movement towards the camera can be interpreted as a symbol of re- gaining the power over their very own streets, sidewalks, and corners in the South Bronx. Here, the group functions as representative for an entire

5. Spaces and Identities Marion Colas-Blaise, Sylvie Freyermuth, Sonja Kmec, Gian Maria Tore, Christian Schulz 5.1 INTRODUCTION: GEOGR APHIC DISCOURSES AND TOURISM PR ACTICE While questions of spatial dimension have since long been central topics of (social-) geographic identity research, they have only been approached by human and social sciences in recent years (see Döring/Thielmann 2009; Lossau/Lippuner 2004). In parallel to this interest for the conceptual foundations of geography, also known as ‘spatial turn’, geography, conversely, performed a ‘social

): Me ta phern der Ge sell schaft. Stu dien zum po li ti schen und so zio lo gi schen Ima gi nä ren. Mün chen: Wil helm Fink. Lu utz, Wolf gang (2007): Vom »Con tai ner raum« zur »ent grenz ten« Welt – Raum- bil der als so zial wis sen schaft li che Leit bil der. Social Geography 2, S. 29–45. On line unter–29–2007.html (14. 7. 2014). ÖF FENT LICH KEIT UND DIS KURS | 317 Mar tin, Emily (1996): The Egg and the sperm. How sci ence has con structed a romance based on ste reo typ i cal male-fe male roles. In: Eve lyn Fox Kel ler

spatial and social transgressions within and in-between the Middle East and the West. It anticipates the inherent epistemological and moral transgressivity of many con- temporary Anglophone Arab representations. As “spatial trajectories,” these repre- sentations can cut across what our ideological maps cut up.335 Allowing its heroes 332 On the link between social geography and the humanities and between spatial transgres- sion and moral transgress, see Tim Cresswell, In Place/Out of Place: Geography, Ideology, and Transgression (Minneapolis