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bei Konzerten und Privatfes- ten im Golf. Manchmal singen sie an sechs Orten in einer Nacht: an privaten Parties, in Hotels und in TV Shows. Zwanzig Minuten pro Show, das ergibt 100.000 Dollar und mehr pro Nacht. Und Hubert Ghorayeb von EMI Lebanon fügt hinzu: Frauen haben die größeren Chancen in diesem Geschäft. Sie sind allerdings durch rigide Verträge an Rotana gebunden (Hackensberger 2005). Rotana verfügt über alles: Auftritte, Konzerte, CDs und Videoclips ein FRAUENROLLEN UND POPMUSIK IN DER ARABISCHEN WELT 191 »Rundum«-Vertrag quasi. Letztere Praxis

focus on a few examples, namely first Facebook, Twitter and, much more briefly, photography and second activism and journalism, since these are most relevant in my material. Blogging and other media practices I don’t think it would work without Facebook. I know the main way to get to people is on Facebook and Twitter. I think they are very complementary, at least in Lebanon; everyone is on Facebook. MAYA I1 P 196 | II ACTORS AND PRACTICES Facebook is more flexible and on Facebook you have your own picture and you have your own, your life, you can

, Akram und Bassil, Karl (Hg.) Hashem El Madani. Promenades. An Ongoing Project by Akram Zaatari, Beirut: Arab Image Foundation/Mind the Gap 2007 Zaatari, Akram und Bassil, Karl (Hg.) Akram Zaatari. Earth of Endless Secrets, Frankfurt a.M./Hamburg/Beirut: Portikus/Sfeir Semler Galerie/Beirut Art Center 2009 Zaatari, Akram A Conversation with an Imagined Israeli Filmmaker Named Avi Mograbi, Berlin: Sternberg Press 2012 Sekundärliteratur Abu-Labnan, Baha „Social Change and Local Politics in Sidon, Lebanon“, in: The Journal of Developing Areas, 5, October 1970, S. 27

that “hesitating” and absence are meaningful elements in defining a body’s agency. Subsequently, I contend that foregrounding the relationality of bodies in my investigation reveals an indispensable ethical dimension to the debate on borders and collectivity. The concept of hospitality will inform overarching reflections on the coexistence of bodies in the cultural and social sphere, and these reflections will be interrogated in the context of ethical standards, norms, and values in the field of art in Lebanon and Palestine/Israel. Bodies in Relation


’AMNEH Internationalization of Social Sciences: The Lebanese Experience in Higher Education and Research 213 JACQUES E. KABBANJI AFRICA The Internationalization of South African Social Science 237 JOHANN MOUTON EURASIA Internationalization of Social Sciences and Humanities in Turkey 265 SENCER AYATA, AYKAN ERDEMIR Internationalization of the Social Sciences and Humanities in Russia 285 IRINA SOSUNOVA, LARISSA TITARENKO, OLGA MAMONOVA Social Sciences and Humanities in Ukrainian Society: The Difficulty of Integration into International Structures 307 IGOR YEGOROV Challenges for Research

courtesy Jeff Wall Emily Jacir 1, 2, 3, 5 © Emily Jacir, Courtesy Queens Museum, New York 4 © Emily Jacir, Courtesy the artist and Alexander and Bonin, New York 6 © UN [UN-Bildunterschrift: David Ben Gurion, chairman of the Exe- cutive of the Jewish Agency for Palestine, chats with Asa Ali, chair- man of the delegation from India in the delegates lounge. 14 May 1947] 7 © UN, Photo/MB [UN-Bildunterschrift: Before the last meeting of the Second Session of the United Nations General Assembly, Camille Chamoun, right, Lebanon, delegation chairman, talks to Dr. Oswaldo

) TNHU-RM8 Vice President Egypt, Sudan, Syria, Jordan & Lebanon Transnationales Hotelunternehmen (GB) TNHU-RM9 Director of Regional Sales & Marketing - Arabian Penin- sula Transnationales Hotelunternehmen (GB) V1 Vice President de la FTH ; President de la FTH de Tunis et les côtes de Carthage Federation Tunesienne de l’Hôtellerie V2 Directrice Chargée de la Pro- motion Federation Tunesienne de l’Hôtellerie V3 Secretary General Egyptian Hotel Association V4 Secretary General South Sinai Egyptian Hotel Association


, 302 Seiten, ISBN: 3-933127-44-0 kart., 30,80 €, ISBN: 3-933127-81-5 Leseproben und weitere Informationen finden Sie unter: 27.06.02 --- Projekt: transcript.gli.jonker / Dokument: FAX ID 0182322373381566|(S. 281-283) anzeige jonker 99-8.p 322373382102 Weitere Titel zum Thema Neuerscheinungen 2002 Anja Peleikis Levent Tezcan Lebanese in Motion Religiöse Strategien der Gender and the Making of a »machbaren« Gesellschaft Translocal Village Verwaltete Religion und islamistische Utopie in derJuni 2002, ca. 250 Seiten, Türkeikart., 29,80 €, ISBN


Migranten der ersten Genera- Soziologie des Islams tion erzählen ihre Geschichte 2000, 320 Seiten, Februar 2002, 474 Seiten, kart., 29,80 €, kart., 26,90 €, ISBN: 3-933127-47-5 ISBN: 3-933127-87-4 Leseproben und weitere Informationen finden Sie unter: Weitere Titel zum Thema Neuerscheinungen Frühjahr 2002: Werner Friedrichs, Anja Peleikis Olaf Sanders (Hg.) Lebanese in Motion Bildung / Transformation Gender and the Making of a Kulturelle und gesellschaftliche Translocal Village Umbrüche in der bildungs- Mai 2002, ca. 250 Seiten, theoretischen

his in- terests. Jacques Kabbanji is professor of sociology and epistemology at the Lebanese University. He is also President of the Lebanese Association of Sociology. Michael Kuhn is director of KNOWWHY GLOBAL RESEARCH. His background is philosophy, political science and international economics. His research interests include epistemological and organisational impli- cations of internationalizing social sciences communities. michaelkuhn Olga Mamonova, M.Phil. in Sociology, PhD. in sociology, is a