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_books. Nordquist, Petra (2008), Feminist heterosexual imaginaries of reproduction. Lesbian conception in feminist studies of reproductive technologies, Femi- nist Theory 9(3), S. 273-292. Thompson, Charis (2005), Making parents. The ontological choreography of repro- ductive technologies, Cambridge: MIT Press.

Situationen der Kopräsenz ist dabei die Ursache für die Ausgestaltung alltäglicher Routinen: „Bundles are formed according to various principles. Many follow predeter- mined time-tables, often the same, weekday after weekday. This principle, which exists in the factory and the school, generally operates over the head of the participating individual. His freedom lies in his choice of work or place of work. After that, he has to obey the choreography of his superior, as long as he wants to maintain this contractual arrangement. [...] And always, families have to adjust