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: Österreichische Rundschau, hg. v. Al- fred Frhr. von Berger et al. 15. Jg., Heft 1, 1. April 1908, Wien: Dreimaskenverlag, 36-42. Wolf, Eric R. (1966): »Kinship, Friendship and Patron-client Relations in complex Soci- eties«. In: The Anthropology of Complex Societies (Association of Social Anthropologists Monograph 4), hg. v. Michael Banton, London: Tavistock Publications, 1-22. Zillinger, Martin (2010): »Passionate Choreographies Mediatized. On Camels, Lions, and their Domestication among the ‘Isāwa in Morocco«. In: Animism, Vol. I, hg. v. Anselm Franke, Antwerpen: Extra

videos. As such, Xen and »Xen« construct a new body for the musician in several senses and without compromising the artist’s authenticity (quite the contrary). The album’s music follows suit in using electronics to augment acoustic timbres to suggest a choreography of transcendent bodies and gestures, though hardly one of conventional beauty and elegance. Arca released something of a second ›coming-out album‹ with »Arca« in 2018, this time taking the extra steps of leading with his relatively unprocessed voice and appearing in person in three music videos and

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