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’ pride: “A reasonable son is obedient to his father and shall eat 11 Author’s translation [N.C.]. 12 Author’s translation [N.C.]. 274 | CABASSI of the fruit of the righteous”13 (“сынъ благоразумный послушливъ отцю, и плода праведнаго снѣсть” [L.L.: 408-409]). The large number of bibli- cal quotations in the chronicle aims to highlight the duties of filial piety: e.g. taking care of the aged body and soul, and providing the old parents spiritual and moral support. As in civil society, even more so in the

Ukraine is de- termined to a significant extent by the dynamics of literary development”, since it is by “returning a historical and ethical sense of time to one’s na- tion” (Paсhljovska 2014: 476) that literature participates in the construction of identity and the development of civil society. Be that as it may, for all their importance the themes of nation building and history do not obscure the novel’s main attribute – its deeply individual and humanistic pathos, first and foremost – thanks to the subtle psycholo- gism of the narration of the aged Jakiv

Brzozowski, Idee, 253. 19 Ibid., 209. 20 Ibid., 208. Brzozowski and the Italians | 147 But in the thick night of darkness enveloping the earliest antiquity, so remote from us, there shines the eternal and never-failing light of a truth beyond all question: that the world of civil society has certainly been made by men.21 In his New Science Vico traces the entirety of knowledge, understood here as the social world (with its logic, morality, economy, politics, physics, astronomy, chronology in the sense of history and geography), back to poetic wisdom that he

A. V. Amfiteatrova”, in: AvtobiografiЯ 1, 145- 165. Sinel, Allen (1973): The Classroom and the Chancellery: State Educational Re- form in Russia Under Count Dmitry Tolstoi. Cambridge. Spitzer, Alan B. (1987): The French Generation of 1820. Princeton, NJ. Voronkov, Viktor (2005): “Proekt ‘šestidesjatnikov’: dviženie protesta v SSSR”, in: Levada, Jurij/Šanin, Teodor (eds.): Otcy i deti: pokolenčeskij analiz sov- remennoj Rossii. Moskva, 168-200. Wartenweiler, David (1999): Civil Society and Academic Debate in Russia 1905- 1914. New York. Wattenberg, Esther