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Die Integration von Spielkonzepten in zeitgenössischer Musik, Musiktheater und Klangkunst

ELEPHANT are coded as feminine because the boy gives an amateur performance in a private and suburban setting, which is linked to traditional associations of bourgeois eighteenth- and nineteenth-century female piano performances. Alex tries to finish playing both pieces while his friend plays an eerie, abstract version of the computer game Doom- but take note: There are no violent sound effects, only 28 I argue that it is reasonable to interpret Beethoven as replacing Rammstein and KMFDM, because the film operates within a general logic of quotation regarding

sounds, some of which have – through common use and consent – become ›recognizable‹ or at least nameable. To extend a term first developed by Smalley8 new »in- dicative fields« have emerged that indicate, for example, ›sci-fi‹ sounds (from the 1950s on), ›computer game sounds‹ (from the 1980s on), mobile phone signals (from the 2000s on). We seem to have learnt to accept this sound without an original physical cause: while it has had no specific physi- cal place in the world we now trust it to indicate a generic source – the mo- bile phone, for example. Let us

? – Computer Game Audio and Player Action, Promotionsarbeit, Copenhagen. Kramer, Gregory et al. (1999): Sonifi cation report: Status of the fi eld and research agenda. Technischer Bericht zuhanden der National Science Foundation,, 30.06.2008. Lee, Ang (Regie) (2000): Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Wo hu can long), Spielfi lm, internationale Koproduktion, China, Amerika, Hong-Kong, Taiwan. Lucas, George (Regie) (1977): Star Wars, Spielfi lm, 20th Century Fox, USA. Marks, Aaron (2001): The Complete

. „Funkytown“ (Mouth to Mouth) Mitglieder: Cynthia Johnson (vc), Steven Greenberg (prod) Stil: Pop Sounds: Game Sounds, Vocoder, Noise, Bass-Synthesizer Der im Gedächtnis bleibende Einzelsound des als eines der letzten massiven Disco- Hits bezeichneten Stückes „Funkytown“75 ist zweifelsohne ein ‚billig‘ klingender Analog Synthesizer Leadsound, höchstwahrscheinlich ein Moog, der an Computer Game-Sounds erinnert. Mit der tieferen Oktave gedoppelt und leicht verzerrt, lässt der Sägezahnsound mit der eingängigen Melodieführung andere ausdrucksvolle Sounds, wie