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The Child Across Families, Law, Science and Industry

And Yet Children Play: Echoing Voices of Computer Game Concerns in Barcelona ADRIANA GIL-JUÁREZ & JOEL FELIU In Western and westernised capitalist regions, usual concerns about computer games in relation to children are produced and reproduced in scientific literature, media outlets, laws, brochures, parents’ talk and even in children’s talk. These concerns, as literature on parental mediation shows (e.g. Nikken & Jansz, 2007; Shin & Huh, 2011; Torrecillas, Vázquez-Barrio & Monteagudo, 2017), may span from the very content of the games to the

If {battleState = BattleState.standby}: Bringing the Gamer Into Play in Computer Game Development1 SANDRA PLONTKE Computer games are frequently discussed with regard to those who play them, usually focusing on children and adolescents, especially young Western males. Within these discussions, we can identify different concerns that are associated with different problematisations, e.g. the question of harmful effects that computer games may have on the player. In Germany computer games, children, young ad- olescents and the topic of media harm are

Between Fears and Needs for Information: German Parents’ Computer Game Concerns ALEXANDER MARTIN & SANDRA ASSMANN In this chapter we deal with German parents’ concerns regarding their children’s use of computer games. The central empiric discovery can be outlined in the fol- lowing way: By talking about concerns of parents from a German perspective the term is obviously connected to negative feelings and apprehension. The attitude of German parents to usage of computer games by their children is characterised by: worries, fears, apprehension

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