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- 1 Ernst Fraenkel relativiert diese Aussage: In seinem Buch Der Doppelstaat behauptet er, dass der nationalsozialistische Staat in gewissen Bereichen einem Zustand der Gesetzlosig- keit und der Normenfeindlichkeit zustrebte, während er doch in anderen Bereichen ge- zwungen war, die Normen des Rechtsstaates anzuerkennen bzw. beizubehalten, vgl. Ernst Fraenkel (1974): Der Doppelstaat (erste amerikanische Ausgabe: The Dual State: A Con- tribution to a Theory of Dictatorship, 1940). 496 | DANIEL AZUÉLOS lich die soziale Revolution ersparen. In diesem Sinne hatte

called the “thirty years war” in Latin America: that is, the wars opposing armed disciples of Fidel and Che to Latin American regimes, either dictatorial or democratic. During that period, according to Castañeda, “every Latin American intellectual worth his pen, canvas, or songbook made the journey to Havana at one point or another” (Castañeda 1994: 177, 184). Paz kept his distance. In Itinerario, Paz makes the following comments on the Cuban revolution: It began as an uprising against a dictatorship as much as a reaction to the clumsy politics of the United

, New York : Oxford UP, 1999). La même auteure mentionne cependant des améliorations constantes  ; la politique sani- taire est forte et omniprésente, la saleté est combattue et dénoncée sous toutes ses formes. Quelques motifs de nos mémorialistes trouvent des parallèles dans le discours hygiéniste soviétique : on y retrouve par exemple l’image négative d’une maison paysanne ‘sale’ avec des animaux de ferme se promenant à l’intérieur (cf. par ex. Bernstein, Frances Lee : The Dictatorship of Sex. Lifestyle Advice for the Soviet Masses, DeKalb : Northern Illinois UP

not only does not open himself up to the outside world, he also refuses to emerge from himself, to “let himself go.” Sometimes Form chokes us. During the past century the liberals tried vainly to force the realities of the country into the strait jacket of the Constitution of 1857. The results were the dictatorship of Porfi rio Diaz and the Revolution of 1910. In a certain sense the history of Mexico, like that of every Mexican, is a struggle between the forms and formulas that have been imposed on us and the explosions with which our individuality avenges