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Global Shiftings in Media and Methods
Series: Image, 54
Aspekte der Alterität seit 1800
Series: Image, 99
Sammlungsinstitutionen im 21. Jahrhundert
A New Field for Museum Studies
Aktuelle Positionen zur Besucherpartizipation
Aktuelle Debatten zu ethnologischen Sammlungen in Museen und Universitäten
Strategien des Verbergens und Zeigens
Series: Theater, 125

that the recep- tion of global cultural objects necessarily involves an analytical discussion of forms of “material culture.” Invariably, it seems that interpretations and evaluations of cultural achievements, communication and mediation are presented primarily in the form of material mediums, manageable agents, and automatically circulating things.1 1| For the latest research on the concept of the thing/object, building on its reactivation in ethnology, see among others Godelier, Maurice: Das Rätsel der Gabe: Geld, Geschenke, heilige Objekte, Munich: Beck

entered into possession of Afrikanische Kunst in Europa. Kulturelle Aneignung und musealer Umgang am Beispiel der höfischen Kunst aus Benin Melanie Ulz 218 the newly founded ethnological museums illegally. Today, almost every Ger- man ethnological museum “owns” art from Benin. As part of a critical review of the collections in European museums and a transcultural art history, the author argues that the Western, white gaze has to face the colonial legacies of the past. Part of this process is the consideration of the objects’ loss of meaning due to

Schneckenburger: he was reminded of exhibitions of “objects from an ethnology museum.”17 In his epoch-making book Negerplastik from 1915 Carl Einstein notes “that most of these works have no pedestal or similar support,” an absence he saw as stemming from cultic practices: “the god is never pictured as anything but a self- sufficient being, requiring no aid of any kind. And he has no lack of pious, adoring hands when he is carried about by the worshipper.”18 This demanded unconventio- nal forms of positioning. Thus, hanging an object on a hook attached to a metal rod