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A Cross Cultural Investigation of a Social Ritual
Professionalität, Körperlichkeit und Anerkennung in brasilianischen Waxing Studios Berlins
Figuren der Alterität: Kriminologie, Psychiatrie, Ethnologie und Zoologie

.): Africans on Stage: Studies in Ethnological Show Business, Bloomington: Indiana University Press (1999: 28). Das ganzfigurige Aquarellbild von Léon de Wailly (Abb. 2) hingegen gehört zu den Zeichnungen, die verschiedene Künstler während der von Georges Cu- vier und zwei weiteren Wissenschaftlern im März 1815 veranstalteten Unter- 24 | KERSTIN BRANDES suchung und Vermessung der Hottentotten-Frau im Pariser Jardin du Roi an- fertigten. Abbildung 2: Léon de Wailly: Frontalansicht von Saartjie Baartman, der Hottentot Venus, 1815, Aquarellfarbe/Pergament, 48,3 x

American eugenics, due later in 2020. Also, he is finishing the monograph Rechte Gefühle: Af- fektpolitiken der transnationalen Online-Rechten, which will be published by transcript in January 2020. Together with Susann Neuenfeldt and Werner Türk he founded the performance group PKRK, which is active in Berlin theaters since 2009.  Wielowiejski, Patrick, Ph.D. candidate at the Department of European Ethnology at Humboldt University Berlin, supervised by Prof. Beate Binder and Prof. Sabine Hark. Currently writing his dissertation, an ethnography of homosexuality in the

- serving’ a situation and/ or interaction in this context is active, target-oriented and selective (cf. Bortz/ Döring 2006: 263). 1. Questions of Methodology 35 Lesbian Web Series. To observe the environment and take (both descriptive and reflective) notes when directly working in the field is an essential ethnological and anthropological method. The field journal itself allows the researcher to take part in planned – and most of all unplanned – situations that emerge spontaneously. It is of great importance to write down experiences and observations while being directly

.11.2011). Sinjab, Lina (2011): „Tawakkul Karman. ‚New face of Yemen‘“, in: BBC News Middle East (10.10.2011), middle-east-15249067 (28.12.201). Smith, G.R./Burrowes, R.D./Mermier, F. (2001): „Al-Yaman: 3. History; 4. Ethnology and social structure of the Yemeni highlands“, in: The Ency- clopaedia of Islam, Leiden: Brill, Bd. XI (20022), S. 271-277. Smoltczyk, Alexander (2011): „Jemen. Die Zeltbürger von Sanaa“, in: Der Spiegel (27.06.2011), S. 88f. Tilly, Charles (1984): „Social movements and national politics“, in: Charles Bright

: Oxford University Press. 261-285. KRIEG IM FRIEDEN414 Lévi-Strauss, Claude 1993 [1947]: Die elementaren Strukturen der Verwandt- schaft. Frankfurt a.M.: Suhrkamp. Lithander, Anna 2000: Engendering the Peace Process: A Gender Approach to Dayton and Beyond. Halmstad: Kvinna till Kvinna. Lockwood, William G. 1972: Converts and Consanguinity: The Social Organiza- tion of Moslem Slavs in Western Bosnia. Ethnology 11: 55-79. Lockwood, William G. 1973: The Peasant-Worker in Yugoslavia. Studies in Euro- pean Society July 1973 91-110. Lockwood, William G. 1975: European

to them mostly on the grounds of present physical features, and who may or may not seek a surgically or hormo- nally produced change. Other cultures – other genders From 25 November 1997 to 8 March 1998 the Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum für Völkerkunde (Ethnological Museum) in Cologne, Germany, hosted an ex- hibition titled ‘She and He. Woman power and male domination in a cultural comparison.’24 The exhibition as well as the accompanying volume specifically addressed the issue of ‘third gender and changing identities’25 – a novelty and at the same time an

.The Liminal Period in Rites de Passage«, in: June Helm (Hg.), Symposium on New Approaches to the Study of Religion. Pro- ceedings of the 1964 Annual Spring Meeting of the American Ethnological Association, Seattle 1964, S. 4–20. Übersfeld, Anne, »The Pleasure of the Spectator«, in: Modern Drama, Jg. 25, H. 1 (1982), S. 127–139. Villa, Paula-Irene, Sexy Bodies. Eine soziologische Reise durch den Geschlechtskörper, Wiesbaden 2011. Walgenbach, Katharina/Gabriele Dietze/Lann (Antje) Hornscheidt