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Lebanon and the Arab world through fake archives and documents that he has pretended to be authentic.7 In his project Scratching on Things I Could Disavow, which he started in 2007, and which was shown in London, Par- is, Munich and Sharjah and elsewhere in different for- mats, Raad focused on what many see as a “miraculous be- ginning” of an art and muse- um scene in the Arab world in the last fifteen years.8 On his no longer existing website, the artist pretended under the heading Index XXVI: Blue and Green and Yellow and Red and Orange, that this work

. Die Bildwissenschaft im Aufbruch, Munich, Wilhelm Fink Verlag, 2007. 72 Adobe Photoshop’s stamp tool is a function of the image editing software that allows users to clone entire parts or patterns of a digital image. A now-famous example of the use of this feature in mainstream media took place during the Israeli-Lebanese war in 2006. A photographer working for Reuters retouched an image, which was published on the news agency’s website. He added smoke above the bombed city of Beirut by cloning existing smoke clouds and darkening them to artificially increase

York the occasion to talk to people tripled compared to Massachusetts coming from nowhere. That I have never expected. I remember I was in New York and I ended up with some other artists in a studio with other video artists showing each other their works. I knew the woman named Shelly Silver from a long time ago and she invited me to take part of it. She has a connection to Berlin from a long time because she used to have a DAAD in 1993 and she was going out with Jace Salloum at that time, the guy I went to Lebanon and worked on the project with