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213 Internationalization of Social Sciences: The Lebanese Experience in Higher Education and Research JACQUES E. KABBANJI Introduct ion The concept of internationalization of social sciences is relatively new (Smelser 1991) and has competed with other more prominent concepts, such like universalism and modernism, that played a major role in le- gitimizing the spread of new, essentially Western, scientific knowledge. Since the latter concepts are related to a particular civilization— although it is composed of many cultures—with a particular history of

Asia - Latin America - Middle East - Africa - Eurasia
Series: Science Studies

Egyptian Artists Fabian Heerbaart | 103 From Equanimity to Agony: Portraits of Soldiers and Police Officers in Two Artwork Series of Egyptian Visual Artist Nermine Hammam Stephan Milich | 131 A Festival of Resistance: Poetic Documents of the Revolution Liza Franke | 153 Towards an Understanding of the Role of Political Satire in Sudan Larissa-Diana Fuhrmann | 171 PART III: SYRIA, PALESTINE, KUWAIT, LEBANON “Candies from Eastern Ghouta”: Dark Humor in Visualizing the Syrian Conflict Sabine Damir-Geilsdorf | 191 If a Duck is Drawn in

Youth (Weltorganisation der christlich-orthodoxen Jugend) UCAL – Unión Cultural Argentino Libanesa (argentinisch-libanesische Kultur- vereinigung) WLCU – World Lebanese Cultural Union (weltweite libanesische Kultur- vereinigung)

A Critique of Religious Sectarianism through Satire A Case Study of Lebanese Rap FERNANDA FISCHIONE INTRODUCTION Lebanon has experienced many collectively significant events during the past six years (2012-2018: popular peaceful protests in the wake of the so- called Arab Spring, with people demanding the end of sectarianism and the disarmament of Hezbollah; a major political anomaly such as the lack of a President of the Republic from 2011 to 2016; a massive increase in population due to the arrival of more than a million Syrian refugees


-933127-46-7 Cynthia Nelson Shahnaz Rouse (Hg.) Situating Globalization Views from Egypt Oktober 2000, 356 Seiten, 58 DM ISBN 3-933127-61-0 Georg Stauth Islamische Kultur und moderne Gesellschaft Gesammelte Aufsätze zur Soziologie des Islams Oktober 2000, 292 Seiten, 58 DM ISBN 3-933127-47-5 Neuerscheinungen Frühjahr 2001 Anja Peleikis Lebanese in Motion The Construction of a ‘Gendered’ Global Village April 2001, ca. 250 Seiten, ca. 55 DM ISBN 3-933127-45-9

Aspekte von Migration, untersucht also Wege und Formen der Aus- wanderung von Libanesen nach Europa, Amerika, nach Afrika und Australien seit dem 19. Jahrhundert bis in die Gegenwart. Nadim Sha- hade und Albert Hourani beschreiben in »Lebanese in the World: A Century of Migration« Fälle aus einer Vielzahl von Ländern, wobei sie persönliche Erfahrungsberichte mit soziologischen Analysen von Marginalität, sozialer Organisation und kultureller Auswirkung von Migration verknüpfen.7 Eine der umfassendsten historischen Unter- suchungen ist Akram Fouad Khaters »Inventing

.« (Marx 1844: 9) 1. INTRODUCTION Driven by the contradictions of capitalism, specifically fearing the loss of power, the bourgeois society seeks to delimit cultural, political and urban movements. It thus operates so as to reproduce the existing power dynamics, either with different people – still belonging to the same class – or with different slogans, maintaining its control, recycling the same modus operandi. In Lebanon, the process has primarily taken the form of civil society encroach- ment on social movements. Following the growing wave of demonstrations

Mundial. Herausgegeben von World Lebanese Cultural 254 | ETHNISCHE SPHÄREN Union (WLCU). Online: content&task=view&id=559 (Stand: 28.09.2010). ASFOURA DE ADAD, OLGA LILIANA (2003): Tucumán (1900–1950). In: FUNDACIÓN LOS CEDROS (Hg.): Sirios, libaneses y argentinos. Fragmentos para una historia de la diversidad cultural argentina. Buenos Aires, S. 413– 422. ASOCIACIÓN DE BENEFICENCIA HOSPITAL SIRIO LIBANÉS (o. J.): Autoridades. Online: (Stand: 12.04.2011). AZIZE

Peleikiskart., 25,80 €, Lebanese in MotionISBN: 3-933127-65-3 Gender and the Making of a Margret Spohn Translocal Village Türkische Männer in Juni 2002, 250 Seiten, Deutschland kart., 29,80 €, Familie und Identität. ISBN: 3-933127-45-9 Migranten der ersten Sybille NiekischGeneration erzählen ihre Kolonisation und KonsumGeschichte Kulturkonzepte in EthnologieFebruar 2002, 474 Seiten, und Cultural Studieskart., 26,90 €, ISBN: 3-933127-87-4 Juli 2002, 104 Seiten, kart., 13,80 €, Werner Friedrichs, ISBN: 3-89942-101-9 Olaf Sanders (Hg.) Andreas Ackermann,Bildung / Transformation