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Histories of Dislocated Cultural Assets

Ludmilla Jordanova 74 An Experiential Account - - - science - the history of knowledge - - science and society - the new cultural history cultural turn. - - cultural history - - The Practice of Cultural History in Britain 75 felt cultural history cultural history world art studies and museology, fol- - cultural history Themes in Early Modern Cultural History - cultural longue durée mentalités - cultural history. I cannot Keywords: A Vocabulary of Cul- ture and Society The Country and the City cultural history cultural history, there can Gender, - Ludmilla

und Ausstellungskonzeptionen. Darüber hin- aus gab es speziell auf diesem Feld zahreiche Weiterentwicklungen. Seit einiger Zeit formulieren beispielsweise die »Community Museology«, die »Appropriate Museology« oder »postkoloniale Museologie« Forderungen nach Teilhabe und Mitbestimung – insbesondere von indigenen Gruppen. Hinzugekommen sind je- doch neue technische Möglichkeiten, sowie das Bewusstsein um die Fragilität von bestimmten Objekten. 1996 lancierte die Europäische Kommission das »Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Multimedia-Access to the european

museology. The Library situated the protest in a series of campaigns launched in the 1960s, includ- ing those for radio and television services to be delivered in Welsh that were realized in 1977 and 1982 respectively. The demonstration is attribut- ed with more meaning in retrospect, once inserted into a timeline as the be- ginning of the Welsh Language Society’s policy of civil disobedience. It led to the 1967 Welsh Language Act, albeit weakened by the recommenda- tion rather than requirement that Welsh be accepted as valid in law. In 1963 the students located the