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Sensorische Ethnographie des Deutschen Hygiene-Museums
Series: KörperKulturen
Die Heidelberger Sammlung Walther Schönfeld und ihr Beitrag zur Pathologisierung von Tätowierungen
Erinnern jenseits der Nation (1945-1975)
Series: Histoire, 108
Zur Vermittlung des Holocaust in deutschen Gedenkstättenausstellungen
Series: Histoire, 71

angered when the museum attempts something unexpected. This was exemplified by the controversy about the Drawing Room exhibit of 1999, when the museum mounted a display that drew attention to the link between the everyday consumption of sugar and slavery. The museum eventually removed and partially relocated the exhibit, and, in the words of Mark Stein, »[i]n the debate about the celebratory and critical agenda of museology at the NMM, those in favor of celebrating maritime achieve- ment seem to have gained the upper hand« (Stein 2004: 147f.). The Green- wich


International Anthropo- cene Working Group and Principal Investigator in the excellence cluster “Bild Wissen Gestaltung” at Humboldt-Universität. He works in the fields of the evolution and ecology of coral reefs, fluctuations in sea levels, sys- temic research into the Anthropocene, museology and new methods of Science communication. Amongst other things, he is coeditor of an inter- cultural educational comic produced within the excellence cluster entitled “Die Anthropozän-Küche. Matooke, Bienenstich und eine Prise Phos- phor – in zehn Speisen um die Welt” ([Anthropocene

Prehistory Anthropology Museology Cultural studies Critical theory Contemporary art Art history Cultural history Cultural heritage Eth- nicity Demography … Bei Demography ist die Reise zur Hauptkategorie erst knapp zur Hälfte bewältigt. Wer sie zur Gänze bestehen will, kann – vorausgesetzt er wählt den richtigen Pfad – noch illustren Begriffen wie Planets of the So- lar System, Science fiction und (sic!) Communication of falsehoods be- gegnen. Offensichtlich funktioniert das Kategoriensystem hier eher wie ein Assoziationsgenerator als wie eine geordnete

one clear distinction: the MA Degree Program in Digital Culture at the University of Jyväskylä is strictly theoretical, and research oriented. In comparison, most of the other related programs in Finland (and also internationally) have a strong practical/applied element in them. The structure of the program reflects the variety of major subjects offered within our Department. All of them—art education, art history, contemporary culture studies, literature, and museology—are also available as major subjects for the students in the digital culture program

”, open letter, in: The Times, 4 Apr. 1903. Black, Jeremy (2003): Italy and the Grand Tour, New Haven: Yale University Press. Catterson, Lynn (2015): “Stefano Bardini: Forming the Canon of Fifteenth-Century Italian Sculpture”, in: Center 35, pp. 60-63. — (2016): “Stefano Bardini & the Taxonomic Branding of Marketplace Style: From the Gallery of a Dealer to the Institutional Canon”, in: Images of the Art Museum. Connecting Gaze and Discourse in the History of Museology (= Contact zones, Volume 3), eds. Melania Savinio / Eva-Maria Troelenberg, Berlin: de Gruyter, pp

might be that the well-established black and white interpretations of WWII have provided little room for dialogue and few meeting places for learning and reflec- tion. According to modern museum philosophy (often labeled as “new museology”), promoting dialogue about ethical dilemmas should be among the main tasks of museums today (Corsane 2005: 38-70). Still, as Young points out, there is an inverse proportion between the huge amount of memorialization of the past taking place, and the striking lack of contemplation and study invested into the same past