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An Exploration of the Closet Through Queer Slangs and Postcolonial Theory

Joois writes: ‘as a critical concept and ral- lying cry, “precarity” has perhaps not shaken of f this ambiguity (and this is something to reflect on). In contemporary political theory as well as “political art” “precarity” is both rejected as the perverted result of neo-liberal, global capitalism and in a way glamourized: the precarious individual is, as the British sociologist Guy Standing calls it, celebrated as a modern hero: always moving, always connected, devoid of a stable identity etc.’ Joost de Bloois, ‘Making Ends Meet: Precarity, Art and Political

open to any and everyone’ writes O’Sullivan in his ‘Notes Towards a Minor Art Practice’.9 I especially like the mention to sickness and frailness and will write more about it, in particular in connection to disabil- ity and ableism later on. While the languages were not intended as works of art, they are—much like political art—socially engaged (and creative) ways of communication and speaking against the status quo. Opacity - Minority - Improvisation80 ΛΕΞΙΚΟ My knowledge of Kaliarnta begun by associating with older gay men in my late teens. We used a few