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Kalter Krieg, Rassismus und Black Power 1965-1975
Series: Histoire, 178
A Revolution in Context
Series: Histoire, 60
Soziale Bewegungen im Italien der 1970er Jahre
Series: Histoire, 74
Von Vorläufern und Erleuchteten, von Ungeziefer und Läusen - zur kollektiven Identität einer radikalen Gemeinschaft in der Schweiz, 1885-1914
Series: Histoire, 76
Eine Reaktualisierung
Series: Gender Studies

, highlighted the role of infrastructure, city planning and art, and emphasised the formative role of migratory processes and urban social movements (cf. Lenger 2013, pp. 13, 245- 272, 385-434, 516-552; cf. Zimmermann 2000; Behrends/Kohlrausch 2014). While many researchers have pointed out the historical achievements reached during the process of modernisation, the uniqueness, beauty and model character of me- tropolises, their social and environmental problems have again been recognised in recent analyses. Dieter Schott’s study (2014) is exemplary in this regard. He

-Policy Argumentation from the Fall of Saigon to the Collapse of the Socialist World Sys- tem. Tampere: University of Tampere. Paltemaa, L./Vuori, J. A. 2006. How Cheap is Identity Talk? A Frame- work of Identity Frames and Security Discourse for the Analysis of Repression and Legitimization of Social Movements in Mainland China. Issues and Studies 42 (3): 47-86. THREE TAKES ON THE COUNTER-REVOLUTIONARY | 139 Perry, E. J./Selden, M. (eds) 2003. Chinese Society. Change, Conflict and Resistance. 2nd Edition. London & New York: RoutledgeCur- zon. Pye, L. 1992. The Spirit of


Germany 1918/19 and the US-Palmer Raids Norma Lisa Flores | 127 German Defeat in World War I, Influenza and Postwar Memory Oliver Haller | 151 SUBJECTIVITIES AND SOCIAL MOVEMENTS Activist Subjectivities and the Charisma of World Revolution Soviet Communists Encounter Revolutionary Germany, 1918/19 Gleb J. Albert | 181 ‘Moral Power’ and Cultural Revolution Räte geistiger Arbeiter in Central Europe, 1918/19 Ian Grimmer | 205 Simultaneity of the Un-simultaneous German Social Revolution and Polish National Revolution in the Prussian East, 1918

und charismatische Institution im frühen Sowjetstaat, in: Jahrbuch für Historische Kommunismusforschung (2013), 17–38; ‘German October is Ap- proaching’. Internationalism, Activists, and the Soviet State in 1923, in: Revolu- tionary Russia (2011/2), 111-142. Stefan Berger, Professor of Social History and the History of Social Movements at Ruhr-University Bochum, Director of the Institute of Social Movements and Executive Chair of the Foundation Library of the Ruhr. Among his most recent publications are: with Christoph Conrad, The Past as History. National

-216. Friedman, Debra, McAdam, Doug. Collective Identity and Activism: Networks, Choices, and the Life of a Social Movement, in: Morris, Aldon D., McClurg Mueller, Carol. (Hg.). Frontiers in Social Movement Theory. New Haven, 1992. S. 156-173. Gabbud, Jean-Yves. Bagnes, in: Historisches Lexikon der Schweiz. Bd. 1. Basel. 2002. S. 664-665. Gamson, William. Commitment and Agency in Social Movements, in: Sociological Forum, Nr. 6. o.O., 1991. S. 27-50. Gatani, Tindaro. L’affare Silvestrelli. Messina, 2002. Giesen, Bernhard. Identität und Versachlichung: unterschiedliche