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Perspectives from Transnational Research
Series: Global Studies

Introduction: The Making of World Society REMUs ANGHEL, EvA GERHARZ, GILBERTO REscHER, MoNIKA SALzBRUNN As a result of the emergence of global communicative connectivity the world has become more integrated than ever before. Movements of people, exchange of commodities, ideas and values have contributed to the increasing integration of the world as a whole and the fact that the world can not be thought of as a con- glomerate of separate entities as it was before. Related to these observations, studying world society is a great challenge facing social

Vol. 1 - Differentiation, Inclusion, Responsiveness

World Society, Transnationalism and Champs Migratoires: Reflections on German, Anglo-Saxon and French Academic Debates MoNIKA SALzBRUNN Rescaling Processes and Transnationalism across Academic Borders This chapter aims at elaborating a genealogy of academic debates and research on migration in different academic contexts. The differences between German, Anglo-Saxon and French academic worlds are not only a reflection of language problems. The organisation of academic disciplines, the relationship between academics and politics, and finally the way

'Do you really talk about emotions on the phone .. ?': Content of Distance Communication as a Structuring Moment of the Modern World Society MAGDALENA N OWICKA I ntrod u cti on Distance communication tools as a mean of spanning and sustaining personal networks, as well as network analysis and the metaphor of a network have long been a focus of transnational studies (Vertovec 2001). There have also been at- tempts to make these concepts and objects of study fruitful and interesting to the world society approach. Despite the fact that the two approaches

Series: Global Studies
Vom Wert der Begegnung: Interaktionssoziologische Perspektiven auf das Weltsozialforum
Kritik und Weiterentwicklung eines sozialwissenschaftlichen Forschungsprogramms
Series: Sozialtheorie
Selbstbezüglichkeit und Umweltverhältnisse sozialer Bewegungen
Series: Sozialtheorie
Zur neuzeitlichen Entgrenzung der okzidentalen Welt
Series: Global Studies