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Einwanderernationen trans- formiert haben. Unter Rückgriff auf ein Modell von Anthony D. Smith versteht er unter dieser Kennzeichnung „’new worldsocieties, founded by colonists from (in most cases) a single ethnic core who, dispossessing the indigenous inhabitants, establish an independent state and later admit waves of migrants from many ethnic backgrounds, seeking to absorb them through equal citizenship rights. Thereby an ethnic is transformed into a multicultural territorial political community.“ Die Verortung der drei Museen in dieser historischen und

23 On Creolization – Theorizing Caribbean Identity The Sel f /Other Dynamic in Colonial ist Discourse Ever since Columbus first set foot on the Caribbean islands in 1492, the collision of different cultural attitudes and practices has marked the development of the emergent New World societies and their complex processes of identity formation. As Tzvetan Todorov in his seminal work on the discovery of America has argued, the New World “con- quest” marked the “beginning of the modern era,” when Christian mis- sionary doctrine and its discourse of