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the effect of that for me is exact- ly what I want, simple without any pretence of being art or whatever. 1 Die Fragen und Ausführungen in englischer Sprache werden weitestgehend wörtlich übersetzt und schließen unmittelbar an die jeweiligen Aussagen an. Sie sind durch eckige Klammern ge- kennzeichnet. Transkript und Übersetzung: JENNIFER LAMBERTZ-ABEL. Bertien van Manen »Always Luck, Always Accident« U N D I S Z I P L I N I E R T E B I L D E R236 And of course it’s light, you don’t have to carry all this heavy stuff with you. I have three small cameras in my

Philosophie und Zukunftsforschung jenseits von Statistik und Kalkül

threshold between two phases of the game (See Figure 1). A cutscene begins to play, signaling the transi- tion from the childhood section of the game into adulthood even though not all of the trinkets of legend have been collected. Fig. 1: Link clipping through the Door of Time, taken from a YouTube video by ZFG At this point, one of two things may happen: this event may be written off as a freak glitch, an anecdote to recount to skeptical friends, or our adventurous player may continue toying with this newfound trick. Was it a fleeting accident or something

Sicherheitswissenschaftler oder Katastrophensozio- logen gern genau solche Geschichten, wenn sie die Komplexität von Unfallabläu- fen anschaulich machen wollen: Narrative von scheinbar banalen Ereignissen, die durch das Zusammentreffen vieler, sehr heterogener Faktoren eine ungute Wendung nehmen. Charles Perrows berühmte Studie zur Hochrisiko-Technolo- gie, Normal Accidents (1984), beginnt mit einem missglückten Frühstück, das am Ende dazu führt, dass jemand einen ersehnten Job nicht bekommt.2 Was dann folgt, sind im Grunde ähnlich strukturierte Geschichten, nur diesmal führen sie zu

’ (τὰ πρός τι), as one of the 9 accidents of the substance. By the end the section, the Stagirite doubted if substance is itself relative – he tried to show that primary substance is self-sufficient (e.g. man, horse), but he was not quite sure about secondary substance (e.g. hand, head): “[…] it may be questioned whether it is true that no substance is relative, as seems to be the case, or whether exception is to be made in the case of certain secondary substances” (Aristotle 350 BCE a). In Metaphysics Book V, Aristotle continues his analysis of three types of

heard as sounds descending from the highest audible tone to the lowest audible tone on amplifiers originally used to intercept transmissions during World War I. In deep underground bunkers Barkhausen set up equipment designed to detect very weak electrical signals that leaked into the ground from Allied radio transmissions. Doing so, he accidently recorded strange whistling sounds that overtook the military chatter. Originally Barkhausen erroneously suggested that these tones were emitted from the Earth’s surface (Connor 2010: 207). But it was not until 1930

interactions of space, representation, networked action, absence and presence. Figure 1: The beginning of a protest against Park Geun-hye. Image from Wikimedia. Samuel Gerald Collins100 Introduction In South Korea, the impeachment and removal of former President Park Geun‑hye in early 2017 represents the triumph of years of activism, beginning with protests in the wake of the Sewol ship disaster in April of 2014 – an accident off of the southwest coast of South Korea that killed hundreds of students from a high school in a suburb of Seoul, and that led to charges

world – as it is represented in the map – appears deserted, devoid of life. No-one is there; nothing is going on.” (ibid) Even Google Maps, with its imposing rhetoric of truth (Della Dora 2012) could not have accounted for real-time events that could disrupt my journey, such as accidents or road works.4 However critical towards maps, I was substituting my own memory of how the immediate world works with the quantifiable, relational qualities afforded to me by this interface between myself and the world, with such quantification being the decisive difference

. Particularly in cases where that data is de-identified and therefore separated from recognisable versions of our identities. So it’s worrying when people are asked to develop “skills and knowledge con- cerning big data practices,” because as researchers it is clear to us that the markets and practices involved in processing data are profoundly opaque to the ordinary person, and that this is by design, not by accident. Telling people to be responsible for their data is an efficient way to divert attention from the lack of meaningful regulatory traction on many

embryonnaires aux plus complets [...], aux premiers manquent tous les accidents, protubérances et qualité, ce qui leur laisse la forme sphérique, [...] aux seconds s’ajoutent tant de détails qui les font per- sonnels qu’ils ont pareillement forme de sphère, en ver tu de cet axiome, que le corps le plus poli est celui qui présente le plus grand nombre d’aspérités.1 (Jarry 1972) Die Vergleichende Anatomie der Engel ist erst 1987 ins Französische übertragen worden. Bisher wurde die Anleihe von Jarry auf seine Bergson-Rezeption zu- rückgeführt (vgl. David 2003). Jarry hat die