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169The Aesthetics of Coexistence as Ongoing Christine Ross The Aesthetics of Coexistence as Ongoing This paper sets up to examine contemporary art’s engagement with coexis- tence—the state, awareness and practice of existing interdependently. It is groun- ded in the observation that coexistence has become pivotal to the development of the 21st century art as an aesthetic response to some of our current crises, including: global warming, the migrant crisis (the predicament I will be addressing here) and the legacies of colonialism. Art shows these crises to be

Dialogical Aesthetics Reconfiguring Theatrical Spaces through Digital Technology Susanne Thurow, Dennis Del Favero and Caroline Wake Throughout history, theatre has engaged new technologies to broaden its creative and expressive capabilities to refine its artistic engagement with contemporary concerns. As seen in the experimentation with lighting technologies (of which digital projection is just the latest iteration), technological advances can have wide-ranging impact on the way we conceptualise and shape theatrical practice. Replacing gas lights with

Artworks in Border Spaces
Series: Image, 157
Medial Constructions of the Real

personal affectivity in everyday life. The word ‘aesthetics’ or ‘esthetics’, derives from the Greek words aisthetikos (sensitive) and aisthanesthai (to perceive, to feel).1 The domain of ‘experience’ as understood by Dewey, has to do with a human being’s overall interrelationship with his/her environment: “Experi- ence is the result, the sign and the reward of that interaction of organism and environment which, when it is carried to the full, is a transformation of in- teraction into participation and communication” (Dewey 1934, p. 22).2 The aesthetic quality of

FRIEDER NAKE CONSIDERING ALGORITHMICS AND AESTHETICS Figure 1: Casey Reas 2008 (Source: Courtesy of the artist). NAKE 80 1. INTRODUCTION Mathematicians have their most creative period in their young twenties, and after the age of fifty they do not come up with new ideas. They mature young, or never. This may be true or not, but the inventive and successful mathematician Godfrey Harold Hardy fell into depressions and tried to commit suicide when he felt the end of his creative lifespan had come. Ambition and passion are the “proper justification of a

Japanese Garden Aesthetics An Introduction If the bouquets, the objects, the trees, the faces, the gardens, and the texts—if the things and manners of Japan seem diminutive to us [. . .] this is not by reason of their size, it is because every object every gesture, even the most free, the most mobile, seems framed. ROLAND BARTHES, EMPIRE OF SIGNS, 42. THE GARDEN AS SPATIAL PARADIGM Traditional Japanese gardens have been of a profound influence in contemporary gar- den design throughout modern Japan, as well as a common reference point for Wes- tern

The Aesthetics of Choice A Question from the Outside KLAUS G ASTEIER Nor MY STORY . . branching narratives can be counterproduc­ tive, as they merely draw attention to the fact that certain choices are not available . . " BARRY LOWNDES 1 I usually react allergically these days to digital games that try to make me inter­ act actively in a story setting. They want me to be a character of the story, con­ stantly choose between options, make decisions that lead to sometimes drastic consequences and ultimately affect the outcome of the story (one way or

Writing, Reading and Playing in Programmable Media

DCS | Digital Culture and Society | Vol. 3, Issue 2 | © transcript 2017 DOI 10.14361/dcs-2017-0209 Audiences, Aesthetics and Affordances Analysing Practices of Visual Communication on Social Media Maria Schreiber Abstract This research investigates how the practices of sharing pictures with specific audiences on social media may be related to aesthetics and affordances. Based on fieldwork (interviews, picture analysis and digital ethnography) with a group of female teenagers in Vienna, Austria, how they visually curate their accounts is mapped and