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American Culture and its Spaces
Geographies of Class, Race, and Gender in US Culture

Placing America Constructing America through Time and Space Maria-Theresia Holub If history is not only temporal or chronologi- cal, but also spatial and relational (and if, con- versely, our understanding of geography itself is never historically innocent) then it follows that our analysis of ideas of postmodernity must consequently be informed by this kind of geohistorical perspective. DAVID MORLE Y, »EURAM, MODERNIT Y, REASON AND ALTERIT Y«,1996 Explaining why she would not vote for Barack Obama in the 2012 Presiden- tial election, Tea Party Express

Images and Identities Across Time and Space
An Introduction to American Studies

Chapter 4 Creating a New Popular Culture: Re-Imagining the American Dream in Hip-Hop Hip-hop culture is one of the main forms of representations connected to the shrinking Bronx in the 1970s and 1980s. African American studies scholar Tri- cia Rose explains in her pioneering study Black Noise: Rap Music and Black Cul- ture in Contemporary America (1994): “Hip hop is a cultural form that attempts to negotiate the experience of marginalization, brutally truncated opportu- nity, and oppression within the cultural imperatives of African-American and Caribbean history

Performing America Abroad No Name City and the Haunted Spaces of Transnational America Leopold Lippert Over the last two decades, much theorizing about the scope and methods of American Studies, routinely acknowledged by its practitioners as a vibrant and interdisciplinary field of inquiry, has been set apart by a sense of urgency. The increasingly uninterrupted global flows of capital, goods, ideas, images, techno- logies, and people—a process that is commonly referred to as ›globalization‹— have compelled American Studies scholars to adjust their lines of

»American Knights in Buckskin« Das Männlichkeitsdispositiv der frontier und Narrative der Nationsbildung in den USA des 19. und frühen 20. Jahrhunderts DOMINIK OHREM »Sprung from the West, The strength of virgin forests braced his mind, The hush of spacious prairies stilled his soul. Up from log cabin to the Capitol, One fire was on his spirit, one resolve:— To send the keen axe to the root of wrong, Clearing a free way for the feet of God.« EDWIN MARKHAM I. EINLEITUNG »We had a frontier once. It was our most priceless possession

Introduction: American Mobilities Is it conceivable that the exercise of he- gemony might leave space untouched? Could space be nothing more than the pas- sive locus of social relations, the milieu in which their combination takes on body, or the aggregate of the procedures employed in their removal? The answer must be no. HENRI LEFEBVRE/THE PRODUCTION OF SPACE According to the ideology of separate spheres, domesticity can be viewed as an anchor, a feminine counterforce to the male activity of territorial conquest. I ar- gue, to the contrary