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Philosophie und Zukunftsforschung jenseits von Statistik und Kalkül
Entwurf einer systemtheoretischen Definition
Series: Image, 144
Der literarische Zufall und das Glücksspiel im 19. Jahrhundert
Series: Lettre

patterns adorn otherwise modern items such as purses or sneakers. Yet, true ethnic clothing is also available. A remark- able coincidence is that of the traditional food market whose features are repeated in modern gastronomic markets elsewhere in the city. Even intangible notions such as feminism or sexual diversity seem to have in- digenous precedents since some ancient cultures in the region possess a matriarchal component or three socially recognized genders. New avant-garde activities have developed in recent years in Oaxaca, such as art galleries and studios

. Particularly through this function, I learn that my drone ethnography can and needs to occur both offline and online. One afternoon, one of the drone pilots and I are unable to meet up. By coincidence, I later see that he is live with his drone video on Facebook and I am able to virtu‑ ally ‘participate’ in his drone practice. The aerial visuals of suburban rooftops in the soft afternoon sunlight are combined with the sound of breathing and quiet mumbling: The video feed of the drone camera is linked to the audio feed of the smartphone, which he is using as the

from innocent romantic teenager to naughty seducer within seconds. Gaga’s flacon is crowned by a golden cap that reminds of Louise Bourgeois’ spider sculptu- res. This is certainly no coincidence. Gaga has appropriated Bourgeois’ spi- ders on other occasions more directly und unmistakably, for instance when performancing her song »Speechless« in 2009 live at the Royal Variety Per- formance in Blackpool, England. For this occasion, she had her piano moun- ted on monstrous, approximately 10-foot tall spider legs. Bourgeois has inclu- ded perfume in the installation

in POP

und zwar zu einem ganz be- stimmten Zweck. Es geht darum, die Authentizität der Figur Oswald durch die gezielte Konstruktion von Unwahrscheinlichkeiten und Ungereimtheiten agnotologisch zu steigern oder wie Everett es ausdrückt: »Create coincidence so bizarre they have to believe it« (147). Die drei fiktiven Verschwörer, die so das Monster Oswald erschaffen, bleiben dabei in DeLillos Roman generische Platzhalter, Typen statt Figuren, ihre Identität ist kontingent und irrelevant, es könnten auch andere, ähnliche Personen gewesen sein. DeLillo schildert zwar ihr

of a signal-processing machine – a scene of operative materiality. This difference may be better understood by thinking of a letter A that (1) was applied with ink on a piece of paper (coincidence/congruence of the sign and its materiality) or (2) a letter A that was written with a word processor 5 Campe’s “writing scene” concept depicts the act of writing as “an unstable ensemble of language, instrumentality and gesture” (1991: 760 [translated by the author]). Signs o’ the T imes 159 of a computer. Philology traditionally conceives of the digital computer as

computers and emotions: “Today we know emotion is involved in rational decision-making and action selection, and in order to behave ratio- nally in real life you need to have a properly functioning emotion system.” (Picard 2010: 12) Moreover, the fact that Picard herself founded the company Affectiva and has now begun marketing applications – the latest being “Affdex”, 13 On critiques of the implementation of Ekman’s research, see Tuschling (2014). 14 So it is actually no coincidence that in He, She and It, a sci-fi novel by Marge Piercy (1991) it is a female

features even more apply for today’s UAS swarms as these come with airborne abilities that Brooks’ insectoid robots just would have dreamed of (instead of electric sheep). It is not a coincidence that the larger part of SR research today is occupied with UAS – and as an effect, also this article in the following focuses on aerial robots –, as these are able to navigate more easily in three dimensions without having to cope with the restrictions of grounded vehicles in two-dimensional environments. Sebastian Vehlken116 The potential maneouverability of Swarm UAS