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297 Developing Local Concepts of Disability: Cultural Theory and Research Prospects Patrick J. Devlieger Introduction The anthropology of disability involves an understanding of disability as a social and cultural phenomenon. Within such a perspective, disability is created by virtue of the presence of different human bodies and their societies. Disability is not an immutable, well-defined phenomenon but one that can be understood as a universal local process. In other words, all societies must address bodily difference in their local cultural con

Appendix 2. British Cultural Studies, Active Audiences and the Status of Cultural Theory An Inter view with Professor David Morley Abstract British cultural studies, represented perhaps chiefly by the so-called Birmingham School, is much marked with its strong orien- tation towards the application of grounded theory in the analysis of concrete cases, rather than the development of abstract Theory with a capital T (in Stuart Hall’s words). As a leading figure of the Bir- mingham School and a key representative of active audience model in television studies

participants to gain a more practical appreciation of how technology resists reduc- tion to discourse and signification because it always already conditions them (Mackenzie 2002: 5). As such, the techno-cultural method exceeds the discursive critiques of cultural theory. Here one might ask how a more direct engagement in technical objects effectively grounds the theorising of techno-cultural relations? The Simondonian inflection on the interdisciplinary workshop makes visible the specific modes of existence rooted in the flow of data that we continuously generate. We

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