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Kapiteltitel 240 Kapiteltitel 1 Rainer Behr in Nefés Madrid, 2006 Solo Dance Almost anything can be dance. It has to do with a certain aware- ness, a certain inner, physical attitude, a very high degree of precision: knowledge, breath, every little detail. It always has to do with the how.1 pina bausch o Dance When Anne Martin was asked whether Pina Bausch had given her “psychological pointers” when passing on the very personal main role in Café Müller (premiere 1978), she replied: “Not at all, it was actually very technical. And it was only

Exploring Dance Histories at the Radcliffe College Archives
Series: TanzScripte, 29
The National Dance Theatre Company of Jamaica
Series: TanzScripte, 6
An Invitation from Pina
Hip Hop and Gender in Late Socialist Vietnam
Series: Global Studies

Dancing Jagadamba Rukmini Devi and the World-Mother-Movement Cornelia Haas The prominent theosophist Rukmini Devi Arundale (1904–1986, RD), well known as the reformer of Bharatanatyam was assigned a second role by the theosophists: She should act as the World-Mother, pendant to the designated messiah Jiddu Krishnamurti (1895–1986, JD). While the latter doubted his role after several inci- dents and finally refused to continue fulfilling it, RD implemented her idiosyncratic interpretation of an image of women, first influenced and propagated by the theoso

Rethinking Age(ing) in and through Improvisation Practice and Performance
Series: TanzScripte, 25
Company, Artistic Practices and Reception
Series: TanzScripte, 56

in different fields. Though the observed trend is towards a mixing of disciplines and a convergence in interdisciplinarily-oriented institu- tions, discrete histories andmedium-specifics inform this convergence, and should be preserved in the interest of fostering a rich interdisciplinary field, rather than one overdetermined by e.g. the dogma of the visual arts. 3.3 Curating Dance / Dance Curating This examination of the emergence of curatorial practice in the field of the per- forming arts starts with dance. Dance is a particular case due to the infatuation of