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Organisation Patterns of Companies, Projects, and Foreign Aid Compared
Familienplanung, Gesundheit und Entwicklung in Guatemala, 1944-1986
Series: Histoire, 167
Im Schatten der Pandemie: letzte Chance für Europa
Zu den Selbst- und Fremdverständnissen deutscher Intervenierender in Kriegs- und Krisengebieten
Soziale Elternschaft und Waisenhilfe in der Subsahara
Series: Global Studies
Zur Kooperationspraxis lokaler Non-Profit-Organisationen in Bolivien
Series: Global Studies
Eine transnationale Wissensgeschichte im Kalten Krieg
Series: Histoire, 93

Ministerium für Arbeit, Invalide und soziale Angelegenheiten Vietnam MTO Money Transfer Operator NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement NGO Non Governmental Organisation ODA Official Development Aid QDA Qualitative Data Analysis SAL Staatssekretariat für Arbeit und Löhne SES Senior Experten Service SRV Sozialistische Republik Vietnam Tab. Tabelle TSR Transnationaler sozialer Raum UMF Unbegleiteter minderjähriger Flüchtling ZAV Zentrale Arbeitsvermittlung der Bundesagentur für Arbeit xiv

wanted to know more about the structural differences between the worlds of development aid and private busi- ness. I was subsequently presented with opportunities to conduct more in-depth research. The focus lay above all on the organisational behaviour of cooperations between Rwandan, European and Indian protagonists. This account should, there- fore, not be understood as a depiction of the country of Rwanda or the culture of its inhabitants. It rather is a study of different organisational patterns which are in use by transnational actors of small and large

of Heterogeneity | 167 6. Synthesis: Most Important Patterns and Types in the Field | 177 6.1 Institutionalisation and Local Embeddedness | 178 6.2 Heterogeneity – Structural Inconsistencies in the Aid Sector | 182 6.3 Four Types of Transboundary Cooperations | 188 6.4 Different Kinds of Transboundary Capitalism in Africa | 193 6.5 Comparing Development Aid and Private Business | 198 7. Conclusion | 203 8. Appendix | 213 8.1 The Institutionalisation Test | 213 8.2 Theories for Organisation Field Research | 216 8.3 Fieldwork and