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Chapter Six: Dialectics of Difference “Today we are more fragmented than ever, which is terrible, which is beautiful.” – Ruben Martínez1 “Do I contradict myself? Very well then, I contradict myself. (I am large, I contain multitudes)” - Walt Whitman Capitalism is structured through contradiction, and dialectics is a strategy of reading these contradictions. Few conceptual figures of Marxism have been as disparaged in the non-Marxist left as dialectics. In many accounts, dialectics, or often the dialectic, is understood as the centrally problematic commitment

The Dialectical Pattern of Secularization. A Comparative‐Historical Approach WARREN S. GOLDSTEIN One of the core assumptions of the sociological theory of religion was that with the evolution of society, religion would no longer be functionally nec- essary – that it would decline if it doesn’t disappear altogether. God, if not dead, would become increasingly more distant and that if he continued to rule it would be “from on high and afar off”1. There would be a “disen- chantment of the world” to use an expression by Weber.2 The assumption that the

89 Lost in Orientation? Eine Antwort auf Göran Therborns After Dialectics JÖRG HESS Die Zusammenstellung von Reflexionen über Göran Therborns After Dialectics, die ich hier vorlege, besteht aus zwei Teilen. Im ersten nutze ich Therborns Ausführungen gewissermaßen als Sprungbrett, um zu ei- nigen metatheoretischen Überlegungen vorzustoßen. Im zweiten schaue ich en détail in Therborns Text, und gebe die eine oder andere inhaltli- che Kritik zu Protokoll. Tei l 1: Wissenschaftstheoret ische Ref lexionen Die hier am Beispiel von After Dialectics entwickelten

put the emphasis not on the knowl- edge produced on self or on the other by one of the partners in the interaction but on the dialectical process of generating this knowledge which is therefore to be analyzed as the ex- pression of a space of differences of differences. Title: Interculturality and Knowledge Production Keywords: interculturality; knowledge production; monological representation mo- dus; cultural difference, transculturality; interaction; discourse production Nach dem französischen Philosophen, Schriftsteller und Literaturwissenschaft- ler Roland

Zur Philosophie von Hans Heinz Holz
Zur Rekonstruktion des Politischen in der negativen Dialektik Adornos
Geschichte und Ästhetik einer Denkfigur des 20. Jahrhunderts
Zeitlichkeit und Imaginativität der Erfahrung nach Adorno und Derrida
Zur Neubeschreibung von Themenarchitekturen
(Re-)Narrating Space in the Contemporary American Novel
Series: Lettre