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of design’s agency within practices of collaboration and co-creation in social initiatives. The project provided a productive framework for the queries into the interdependence of digital transformation, political participation and social cohesion, on which this text reports. The main argument is that design has the potential to play a major role in micro-transformations (on a local level) that aim at countering social divisions and inequalities. Introduction: Digital divide, digital literacy and civic engagement In the last couple of years, neighborhood

188 Birgit Schneider Wissenschaftsbilder zwischen digitaler Transformation und Manipulation. Einige Anmerkungen zur Diskussion des „digitalen Bildes“ Digitale Bilder als Simulakra? Im vorliegenden Band wird die „Logik der Bilder“, also die „konsistente Erzeu- gung von Sinn aus genuin bildnerischen Mitteln“,1 hinsichtlich wissenschaftlicher Bildlichkeit verhandelt und nach dem Spezifischen visueller Wissensformen in den Naturwissenschaften gefragt. Einen stetig anwachsenden Bestandteil naturwissen- schaftlicher Bilderzeugnisse stellen hierbei digitale

31 Jeffrey Wimmer The Publics Behind Political Web Campaigning. The Digital Transformation of ‘Classic’ Counter-Public Spheres Campaigning constitutes the essential communicative connection between ac- tors from the field of counterculture and their environment. By addressing the relevant audiences both internally and externally, campaigning establishes a successful issue-orientated network. Over the last few years, however, the op- erating conditions of political actors have radically changed. Socio-political and technological changes have played key

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Series: Sozialtheorie
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Zwischen technischen Möglichkeiten und ethischen Herausforderungen. Vadian Lectures Band 6
Series: Sozialtheorie
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