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Familienplanung, Gesundheit und Entwicklung in Guatemala, 1944-1986
Series: Histoire, 167
Eine transnationale Wissensgeschichte im Kalten Krieg
Series: Histoire, 93

similar ways. 182 Andrea Carosso This paper discusses Disney’s 1967 propaganda animation film Family Planning and contextualizes it within the fears of world overpopulation that Ehrlich’s book graphically evoked. It looks at the ways in which women’s rights advocates, neo- Malthusian activists and proponents of eugenics joined forces in post-WorldWar II America to promote reproductive control campaigns, mostly aimed at third world subjects in key Cold War locales around the world and how Disney seamlessly in- tegrated its pro-family agenda in campaigns aimed at

Of Turkish Women and Other Foreigners Family Planning and Guest Workers in 1980s West Germany Claudia Roesch, GHI Washington “Of Turkish Women and other Foreigners” was the title of a 1982 special issue of the Pro Familia Magazin, the bi-monthly journal of the West German family plan- ning association. The issue was dedicated to immigration and family planning. Its cover shows a Turkish-origin woman seated in a room decorated with old-fash- ioned knickknacks (“Türkinnen” 1). A girl about four years old, probably her daugh- ter, sits in her lap and holds a doll

.: The Use of Socio-Economic Research in De- veloping a Strategy of Change for Rural Communities. A Colombian Example, Madison WI: Land Tenure Center, Univ. of Wisconsin 1966. Aguirre, Alfredo: »Análisis de las primeras cien encuestas realizadas en cien mujeres pertenecientes al programa«, in: ASCOFAME, Boletín del segundo seminario, 1965, S. 249–266. — : »Programa de planificación familiar. Centro piloto de salud de Candela- ria«, in: ASCOFAME, Boletín del segundo seminario, 1965, S. 217–247. — : »Colombia. The Family in Candelaria«, in: Studies in Family Planning

Forschers sowie die Objekte und Techniken der Wissensproduk- 3 | Hartmann, Heinrich/Unger, Corinna R.: »Introduction: Counting, Constructing, and Controlling Populations: The History of Demography, Population Studies, and Family Planning in the Twentieth Century«, in: H. Hartmann/C.R. Unger (Hg.), A World of Popu- lations. Transnational Perspectives on Demography in the Twentieth Century, New York/ Oxford: Berghahn Books 2014, S. 1–15, hier S. 2. 4 | M. Connelly: Fatal Misconception; M. Frey: Experten, Stif tungen und Politik. Zu Bangladesch ist die Forschungslage

im Falle endemischer Fertilitätsraten, wachsender Raum- und Ressourcenknappheit das Gleichgewicht wiederherstellen. Es trifft sich, dass Disney für die ›Dritte Welt‹ Cartoons unter dem Label ›Family Planning‹ im Auftrag des US Population Council hergestellt hat. Literatur Brehm, Alfred Edmund (1865): Brehms Tierleben. Allgemeine Kunde des Tierreichs. Die Säugetiere. Zweiter Band: Raubtiere, Robben oder Flossen- füßer, Kerfjäger, Nager, Zahnarme, Hilburghausen: Bibliographisches Ins- titut. Brinley, Thomas (Hg.) (1958): Economics of international migration

health from interference by third parties.13 Exam- ples include protecting against private health clinics, insurance or pharma- ceutical companies that impose practical or procedural barriers to health services.14 States must introduce laws and policies that prohibit third parties from acting in a way that harms integrity or undermines the enjoyment of rights, such as ensuring adolescents have access to information about sexu- al and reproductive health, including family planning, that is appropriate for their age and regardless of their marital status.15 The

Ideological Transgression The Family in Crisis in the 1977 Horror Film The Hills Have Eyes Lee Herrmann, Università di Torino ...................................................... 155 Kinship at the Margins Punk-Rock Modes of (Dis-)Association Stefano Morello, The Graduate Center (CUNY)............................................. 167 Donald the Family Planner How Disney Embraced Population Control Andrea Carosso, Università di Torino...................................................... 181 Of Turkish Women and Other Foreigners Family Planning and Guest Workers in 1980s

family planning. Finally I shall argue that the historical and contemporary emphasis on 231 26.09.00 --- Projekt: transcript.nelson / Dokument: FAX ID 00c5267656838312|(S. 231-253) nelson.asdar ali.bearbeitung1.p 267656838904 Kamran Asdar Ali the domestic and the private sphere in nationalist and developmental discourse are intrinsically linked to the construction of the modern Egyptian nation inhabited by a responsible citizenry. The Focus Groups I conducted a part of my field research in a village in the Nile Delta almost one hundred kilometers north-east of Cairo