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Flee(t)ing Dances! Initiatives for the Preservation and Communication of Intangible World Heritage in Museums ANETTE REIN Holistic, or so-called traditional worldviews are characterized in particular by how the material, everyday realm and the immaterial, spiritual realm are expe- rienced as inseparably intertwined, as two dimensions of one reality. In this sense, a dance performance – since it has its roots in both worlds – embodies a special type of medium, which allows these two dimensions to communicate (cf. Rein 2010).1 The task of

Re-Cording Lives
Governing Asylum in Switzerland and the Need to Resolve
Practices of Refugee Support between Humanitarian Help and Political Activism
Exemplarische Analysen
Forms of Migration and Flight
Series: Design, 44
Eurosur, the Refugee Boat, and the Construction of an External EU Border
Das gebrochene Versprechen politischer Teilhabe
Lager, Sammelunterkünfte und Ankerzentren im Kontext von Asylregimen
Sozialraumentwicklung im Kontext von Behinderung, Flucht und Demenz
Theorie, Empirie und Praxis