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Future1 RASHEEDAH PHILLIPS The word ‘future’ designates a time period or temporal space that is not now, but that is situated ahead of us and is distinctive from times that precede the one in which we are currently situated. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, future developed from the Old French (futur) during the late fourteenth century, when it denoted “a time after the present… yet to be”. It derives from the Latin futurus via the stem fu- (to grow or become), which is the future participle of the word esse (to be). Notions of the

DCS | Digital Culture and Society | Vol. 4, Issue 2 | © transcript 2019 DOI 10.14361/dcs-2018-0211 Letters from the Future Science Fiction as Source Material for Thought Experiments Describing Potential Arctic Futures1 Marcin Dymet Abstract Sociologists have long used the biographical approach as a research method. Diaries, memorials and personal correspondence are treated as existing source material, which can help enrich social knowledge about the life of social groups. This can embrace different genres, for instance autobiographical novels. These

Climate Impact Modeling and the Quest for Digital Openness
Conceptualising an Unexplored Criterion in Scenario Planning
Series: Science Studies
How to Keep Europe Together: A Progressive Perspective from Germany

No Future for Crips Disorderly Conduct in the New World Order; or, Disability Studies on the Verge of a Ner vous Breakdown Robert McRuer Although the title of this essay invokes disorder, it is ultimately quite skeptical – or perhaps even agnostic – about the work of disorder or the place of ‘disorders’ in disability studies. I would argue, in fact, for ambivalence about disorder and disorderly conduct as both impossible and necessary. This paper ultimately offers what we might call a critically disordered position: a position critical of hegemonic

2 Negotiating the Future Young Graduates Respond to Career Uncer tainty in Tanzania Richard Faustine Sambaiga intRoduction It is acknowledged that the ongoing social and political transformations in African countries have dramatically altered the contexts that structure career choices among young university graduates throughout the continent (Al-Samarrai and Bennell 2007; Johnson-Hanks 2002). With the few exceptions of graduates who pursue degree programmes for which the demand for graduates exceeds the supply of graduates to the labour market, a clear

Future of the Past History of Architectural Paradigms, Pragmatic Concerns, Social Innovations and Envisioning Narratives SLOBODAN DAN PAICH INTRODUCTION A trajectory from envisioned ideas to actualized projects is an aspect of history and history of ideas not often considered as subject in itself. The array of ignored, suppressed, disputed notions to fully implemen- ted, half-realized, subverted or simply canceled projects can inspire rich reflection and probing. History of architectural and urban utopian ideas can be a contribution to

III. FUTURE BRAND INVESTIGATORS III. Future Brand Investigators Mittwoch, der 3. März 1999, 14 Uhr. In einem der Konferenzräume von Pixelpark trifft sich der Jour fixe des Projektes Nestlé Virtual Brand (Projekt 2792), ein Team von elf Mitarbeiterinnen. Teils noch ihr Mittagessen vor sich, teils schon satt, sitzen sie rund um den Tisch, der große Monitor wird für die Präsentation der Grafiker noch eingerichtet, Grafikkarten und Anschlüsse werden abgegli- chen. Für den 15. März ist der Launch einer Microsite als Future Brand Investigators geplant, die

Afterword: Past, Present, Future JEROME DE GROOT IS POPULAR HISTORY OBSOLETE? As this collection of articles demonstrates, and the work that contributed to it in terms of conference papers, discussion, seminar work, doctoral re- search and international conversations, the investigation of popular history is thriving and constantly developing. It is no longer possible for historians to dismiss popular culture or ignore the ways in which the past is repre- sented, rewritten, reordered, versioned, disrupted and fragmented in mul- tiple ways in