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Requirements for a General Game Mechanics Framework Imre Hofmann In this article I will apply a meta-theoretical approach to the question of how a game mechanics framework has to be designed in order to fulfil its task of ade- quately depicting or modeling the reality of game mechanics. I had two aims in mind when starting my research. I studied existing game theories and three game mechanics theories in particular in order to evaluate the state of the art of game mechanics theory. (Descriptive aim) The second aim followed on from these studies

Game Mechanics of Serious Urban Games Designing for the Ludic City Mela Kocher THE PROMISE OF SERIOUS URBAN GAMES Arguing that both serious and urban games are new game genres would certainly be an exaggeration, since both genres have a design tradition of more than a dec- ade to look back on. Digital urban games experienced a big boost in the Western world in the early 2000s with alternate reality games such as I love bees (Szulborski 2005) or with ubiquitous computing technology, e.g. GPS-based ge- ocaching (Dave 2000). Digital serious or

When Game Mechanics Come Crawling out of Ant Colonies Michelle Westerlaken INTRODUCTION The academic fields of game studies, ethology, and anthropology have argued – in several occasions and contexts – that playfulness is not an attitude or a way of being that is exclusive to human beings (Huizinga 1955 (1950); Bateson 1987 (1972); Burghardt 2006). The awareness of this encompassing quality of play- fulness can be easily detected in the number of toys and games that are produced on the basis of the belief that beings other than humans

Games and Rules
Game Mechanics for the »Magic Circle«
Strategies and Meanings in Games and Real Life
Interdisziplinäre Betrachtungen
The Spatial Logic of the Virtual and Its Meaning for the Real

Contents Introduction | 7 PLAY MOTIVATION Rules of Play as a Framework for the “Magic Circle” Beat Suter | 19 Games as a Special Zone Motivation Mechanics of Games René Bauer | 35 Play Computers A Letter to the Reader Miguel Sicart | 47 GAME MECHANICS Requirements for a General Game Mechanics Framework Imre Hofmann | 67 Underneath and Beyond Mechanics An Activity-theoretical Perspective on Meaning-making in Gameplay Carlo Fabricatore | 87 GUIDANCE SYSTEMS Hansel and Gretel Design and Reception of


bribery and favoritism, in or- der to gain greater economic success and more power. The mechanics of the control system include numerous small gears, and usually work excellently for those who control the machinery. As long as we stay within the parameters of the system and use its weaknesses and, to use the above example, dismiss em- ployees (in accordance with existing labor laws), nothing can happen to us. But as soon as we introduce an additional system such as bribery, it becomes a little trickier. This may necessitate further game mechanics: namely that of


Beat Suter, Mela Kocher, René Bauer (eds.) Games and Rules Media Studies | Volume 53 Beat Suter, Mela Kocher, René Bauer (eds.) Games and Rules Game Mechanics for the “Magic Circle” This book has been supported by the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK), its GameLab and its Subject Area Game Design. Bibliographic information published by the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek The Deutsche Nationalbibliothek lists this publication in the Deutsche Na- tionalbibliografie; detailed bibliographic data are available in the Internet at © 2018 transcript