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Genres and Functions of the Short Story in North America
Praktiken, Poetiken, Autorschaften
Mythological Resignification in American Antebellum and German Vormärz Literature
Medienwissenschaftliche Perspektiven auf die Genre-Theorie und den Giallo
Series: Film

Michael Rodegang Drescher Poets of Protest American Culture Studies | Volume 18 In Liebe und Dankbarkeit Lucy und Christian gewidmet. Michael R. Drescher (Dr.) teaches American literature at the University of Hei- delberg. His research interests include democracy and aesthetics, cognition, consciousness, and genre theory. Michael Rodegang Drescher Poets of Protest Mythological Resignification in American Antebellum and German Vormärz Literature So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly

abstract term ‘life’. With its focus on the short story, this book is also a contribution to genre theory and history at large, since it is interested in how individual genres and subgenres produce and circulate knowledge in particular historical, social, and cultural con- texts. The overall approach may thus be labeled as a “wissenspoetologisch inte- ressierte Gattungstheorie und Gattungsgeschichte” (Bies/Gamper/Kleeberg 2013: 9), that is a particular form of genre theory and history centering on how ‘knowledge’ is generically constituted and, vice versa, how

in Worlds: Transmedia(l) Approaches to Video Games"). Connecting the discussion of video games as an art form to the broader frame of transmedial phenomena, Andreas Rauscher, in "A Game of Playful Art," out­ lines three perspectives-transmedia auteurs, genre settings, and the cineludic form-that expand the rather plot-orientated terminology of transmedia storytell­ ing and combine the discourse on participatory culture with methods from film studies, genre theory, and cultural studies. Finally, Federico Alvarez takes a close look at the RESIDENT EVIL HD


research project “Literature and Emo- tions”. Areas of specialization: literary theory, genre theory and Fin de siècle and Early modernist Finnish literature. Her current research focuses on emo- tions and the cognitive study of emotion effects in literature. Anthologies in English: Values in Literature (2015); Imagining Spaces and Places (2013); Rethinking Mimesis (2012); Genre and Interpretation (2010); The Angel of History. Literature, History and Culture (2009); Changing Scenes. Encounters between European and Finnish Fin de Siècle (2003). Yulia Marfutova is

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S. 121; Krone, Jan: »Zwischen Information und Unterhaltung: Publizistische Divergenz in der Medienkonvergenz«, in: Christoph Kappes/Jan Krone/Leonhard Novy (Hg.): Medienwandel kompakt 2014-2016. Netzveröffentlichungen zu Medienökonomie, Medienpolitik & Journalis- mus, Wiesbaden: Springer 2017, S. 209-214, hier S. 211; Askehave, Inger/Nielsen, Anne Ellerup: »Digital genres: a challenge to traditional genre theory«, in: Techno- logy & People (18) Nr. 2 (2005), S. 120-141, hier S. 121. 2 Vgl. Rossmann, Constanze/Brandl, Annette/Brosius, Hans-Bernd: »Der