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DCS | Digital Culture and Society | Vol. 3, Issue 1 | © transcript 2017 DOI 10.14361/dcs-2017-0106 Hacking Together Globally An Analysis of the Norms Surrounding Technology Jeremy Hunsinger Abstract This paper examines events that occur synchronously around the globe at hackerspaces: during Global Synchronous Hackathons, par- ticipants use video streams to share experiences, work and interact in real time. This paper analyses synchronous hackathons through video repositories of these events. It aims at discerning what norms are enacted in presented hacking

3 The Contemporary Adjective Global II: Enmeshed with the ‘Globalisation’-Discourse Talk of ‘globalization’ has become rife among academics, journalists, politicians, business people, advertisers and entertain- ers. Everyday conversation now includes regular reference to global markets, global communications, global conferences, global threats, the global environment, and so on. JAN AART SCHOLTE (2005: 51) In the previous chapter, I highlighted two noteworthy aspects of the con- temporary word global

4 The ‘Globalisation’-Discourse and the ‘New World’ Globalization is an idea whose time has come. DAVID HELD, ANTHONY MCGREW, DAVID GOLDBLATT AND JONATHAN PERRATON (2003: 1) It is always possible that one might speak the truth in the space of a wild exteriority, but one is ‘in the true’ only by obeying the rules of a discursive ‘policing’ which one has to reactivate in each of one’s discours- es. MICHEL FOUCAULT (1981: 60) In the previous two chapters, I focused on the contemporary adjective glob- al. I concluded these

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