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Hans-Michael Kirstein: Human Armageddon

Hans-Michael Kirstein Human Armageddon

Hans-Michael Kirstein Human Armageddon

Hans-Michael Kirstein Human Armageddon

67 Frank Furtwängler Human Practice How the Problem of Ergodicity Demands a Reactivation of Anthropological Perspectives in Game Studies1 Abstract: This article presents a critical review (not a rejection) of the concept of “ergodic litera- ture” when applied to computer and video games. Therefore it goes back to some of the sources Espen Aarseth triggered when he appropriated the term from physics in 1997 for the subject of cybertext and explains the necessary consequences of the term “ergodicity” for literature and games when it is not merely used

5 Human Rights Accountability at the World Bank In the present chapter, I set the stage for the two following empirical case studies. Both case studies focus on transnational movement activism toward the World Bank. In Section 5.1, I introduce the World Bank as an international organization and, specif- ically, its activities as a multilateral development bank (MDB). Then, I lay ground for my case studies by translating the concept of human rights accountability into World Bank language. In concrete terms, I establish the intimate connection between human rights

Über die gesellschaftliche Natur von Mensch-Tier-Verhältnissen

DCS | Digital Culture and Society | Vol. 1, Issue 1 | © transcript 2015 DOI 10.14361/dcs-2015-0107 Technological Materiality and Assumptions About ‘Active’ Human Agency Grant Bollmer Abstract One of the most notable challenges to emerge from the materialist turn in media studies is the rejection of the ‘active audience’ para- digm of British cultural studies. And yet, in spite of the increasing attention to materiality, many of the problems associated with the split between German media studies traditions and those derived from cultural studies persist