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Visual Government and Islamophobia Frank Peter Introduction Since the early 1990s, the new visibility of Muslims has been regularly remarked upon, both in public debates and in research (Göle and Ammann, 2004; Amiraux and Jonker, 2006). This visibility, mostly associated with the appearance of young covered women, has been examined as indicating a new phase in the presence of Muslims in Western Europe and as a trigger for often controversial reconfigurations of Europe’s public spheres. This chapter pursues this line of analysis and extends it

The politics of Sikh Islamophobia KATY P. SIAN The worldly context remains both perplexingly stirred-up and ideologically fraught, volatile, tense, changeable and even murderous. (Said 2003: 348) INTRODUCTION The emergence of a Muslim public identity in Britain in the context of the war on terror, as well as the proliferation of ethnically marked populations and the introduction of categories such as asylum seeker, economic refugees and eastern European immigrants are key factors which have come together to produce a sit- uation in which

2 Islamophobia Studies. Konturen eines jungen Forschungsfeldes Im Jahr 2012 stellte der britische Antisemitismusforscher Brian Klug in der Fachzeitschrift »Ethnicities« fest, dass der Begriff »Islamophobia« nunmehr »erwachsen geworden« sei. Dies sei im akademischen Leben der Fall, wenn »[a concept] functions as an organizing principle for scholarship and rese- arch, especially if different disciplines converge upon it and if the interest taken in it is not merely ›academic‹: in other words, if its content is motivated by circumstances in the ›real world‹« (Klug

Reconfigurations of Racism in Contemporary Europe
Die Islamdebatte im postmigrantischen Theater
Series: Theater, 72
Antimuslimischer Rassismus in Österreich
Antimuslimischer Rassismus aus Sicht postkolonialer und neuerer kritischer Theorie
Überlegenheitsnarrative in Migrationsabwehr und Rechtspopulismus
Die Konstruktion des Anderen in der postmigrantischen Gesellschaft
Narrative des antimuslimischen Rassismus