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Literature Aakhus, M./Ballard, D./Flanagin, A. J./Kuhn, T./Leonardi, P./Mease, J./ Miller, K. (2011): “Communication and materiality: A conversation from the CM Café,” in: Communication Monographs 78(4), 557-568. Abbott, H. P. (2002): The Cambridge Introduction to Narrative. Cam- bridge: Cambridge University Press. AlDahdouh, A. A./Osorio, A. J./Caires, S. (2015): “Understanding Knowl- edge Network Learning and Connectivism.” in: International Journal of Instruction Technology and Distance Learning, Oct. Vol. 12. No. 10, 3-46. Ainamo. A. (2008): “Global

Literature ARCHIVAL SOURCES Paul Ehrlich Collection, RAC, 650 Eh 89 (Rockefeller Archive Center) Manuscripts and Speeches Lecture by Ehrlich about Salvarsan therapy, unknown occasion, Novem- ber/December 1910, (Series I, Box 3, Folder 11). Zettel Buch II und Carcinom, 1900 December 25 – 1901 September 21 “Kampf mit bordet“, 14. Juni, 1901, (Box 8, Folder 2). Notes to Hans Sachs and Julius Morgenroth related to the study of hemoly- sines, (Box 8, Folder 1 and 2). “Schema für Hemmung”, (Box 8, Folder 1). “Bildung von Antistoffen”, (Box 8


Literature AI - Amnesty International (2013): Return to Torture. Extradition, Forcible Returns and Removals to Central Asia. Available at: http://www. 4b67-a7f2-b2ffc5780a09/eur040012013en.pdf (26.1.2014). Aitpaeva, Gulnara (ed.) (2007): Mazar worship in Kyrgyzstan: Rituals and Practitioners in Talas. Bishkek: Aigine Research Center. Aitpaeva, Gulnara (ed.) (2009): Sacred Sites of Ysyk-Köl: Spiritual Power, Pilgrimage, and Art. Bishkek: Aigine Research Center. Akdag, Muhammed Mustafa

, Bruno: The Uses of Enchantment: The Meaning and Importance of Fairy Tales. New York: Knopf, 1976. Betz, H.W.: Betrachtungen der Woche. No. 34, Berlin: Hesses, 1942. LITERATURE | 309 Biesen, Sheri Chenin: Blackout: World War II and the Origins of Film Noir. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2005. Brandlmeier, Thomas: ‘Von Hitler zu Adenauer. Deutsche Trümmerfilme’ in: Hoffmann, Hilmar / Schobert, Walter (eds.): Zwischen Gestern und Morgen – Westdeutscher Nachkriegsfilm 1946-1962. Schriften des Deutschen Film- museums. Frankfurt/M., 1989, pp. 33

Literature Aldewereld, H., Boissier, O., Dignum, V., Noriega, P., Padget, J. (eds.) (2016): Social Coordination Frameworks for Social Technical Systems. Switzerland: Springer. DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-33570-4. Ansell, C. Gash, A. (2007): “Collaborative Governance in Theory and Practice.” In: Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, 18, pp. 543-571. Armstrong, D., Bello, V., Gilson, J., Spini, D. (eds.) (2011): Civil Society and International Governance. The Role of Non-State Actos in Global and Regional Regulatory Frameworks. London and New York

Literature Abramowski, G. (1966), Das Geschichtsbild Max Webers. Universal- geschichte am Leitbild des okzidentalen Rationalisierungsprozes- ses, Stuttgart. Adelardus von Bath (1934), Die Quaestiones naturales des Adelardus von Bath, ed. by Martin Müller, Münster. Adorno, Theodor W. (1955), Kritik des logischen Absolutismus, In: Arch. Phil., vol. 5, pp. 130-169. —(1966), Negative Dialektik, Frankfurt am Main. Alexander, Alland jr. (21973), Evolution and Human Behaviour, Gar den City. Alexander, C. N., E. J. Langer and R. M. Oetter (1986), Higher Stages

173 Literature Adorf, Sigrid (2007): “Nicht unmittelbar, sondern bedingt. Zum performativen Verhältnis von Subjekt und Bild am Beispiel einer Videoprojektion.” In: FKW 44, pp. 14-22. Andermatt Conley, Verena (2009): “Thirty-six Thousand Forms of Love: The Quee- ring of Deleuze and Guattari.” In: Chrysanthi Nigianni, Merl Storr, and Ian Buchanan (eds.), Deleuze and Queer Theory, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, pp. 24-36. Anderson, Benedict (2006): Imagined Communities: Reflections on the Origin and Spread of Nationalism, London and New York: Verso

DCS | Digital Culture and Society | Vol. 4, Issue 2 | © transcript 2019 DOI 10.14361/dcs-2018-0210 Understanding Cosmo-Literature The Extensions of New Media Reham Hosny “I have always imagined the information space as something to which everyone has immediate and intuitive access, and not just to browse, but to create.” (Tim Berners-lee 1999: 169) Abstract The central objective of this paper is to provide a new conceptual theo- retical framework starting from the role of new new media in shaping a new kind of literature, which I call Cosmo-Literature. Towards

Exhibiting Literature Austen Exhibited NICOLA J. WATSON So the day had finally come… The epic and long awaited pilgrimage to Jane Aus- ten’s home! […] We were so excited to be there that we literally seemed to revert to girlhood at the mere site [sic] of the house… Lots of giggling, pictures, and intense moments of quiet…(as if we might somehow will Jane herself to walk through the front door) ensued.[…] The close second in »surreal moments« of the day was in finding Jane’s writing desk, where she penned her stories every day like clockwork

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