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Muslim Saints, their Place and Space (Yearbook of the Sociology of Islam No. 8)

Chapter 4 Notes on Locality, Connectedness, and Saintliness Armando Salvatore The Place of Saintliness within the Sociology of Islam This is the second issue of the Yearbook of the Sociology of Islam to be dedi- cated to saintliness with regard to ‘locality’, a fact that witnesses the strategic importance of this topic for the overall project of the sociology of Islam. The thematic link between saintliness and locality stimulates some reflection on the founding paradigm of such a sociology, on what is specifically sociologi- cal about it, or also on

49 Global ization, Locality and the Struggle over a Living Space. The Case of Karanfilköy SEVIL ALKAN In recent years the increasing literature on globalization draws the pic- ture of a new borderless world order; that globalization is an »unstoppa- ble«, »inevitable« and »relentless« process, that the spread of investment production and technology will make the world a more homogenous and singular place, that globalization is inevitable and even desirable. Moreover, global competition will undoubtedly increase economic effi- ciency, that global society, economy

Chapter 6 Islam on both Sides: Religion and Locality in Western Burkina Faso Katja Werthmann Introduction Although the history of Islam in West Africa has been studied by historians for a long time, anthropologists have tended to focus on the non-Islamic, ‘tra- ditional’ elements of West African cultures (Launay 2006; aul 2006). A closer look at these cultures, however, reveals that Islamic elements seem to have been incorporated ever since Islam made its first inroads into the West African Sahel and Savannah zones more than thousand years ago. Instead of

47 Notions on Community, Locality and Changing Space in the Dublin Docklands ASTRID WONNEBERGER Dublin’s Docklands have undergone significant changes since the be- ginning of regeneration in the late 1980s. New apartments and offices have taken the place of former warehouses, dock-related industrial sites, coal and timber yards. Today, the renovated “campshires” (the land be- tween the river and the road), characterised by thriving dock activities in the past, invite tourists, office workers and local residents for walks and coffee breaks. The population of

A Bourdieusian Analysis of Auckland Children's Seasonal Play Practices
Past and Present Crossroads of Events and Ideas (Yearbook of the Sociology of Islam 5)
Medialität und Räumlichkeit - Multidisziplinäre Perspektiven zur Verortung der Medien / Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Media and Locality
Gender and the Making of a Translocal Village
Lokale islamische Identitätspraxis in Hamburg