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Towards a Reconciliation of Freedom and Ecology

Living Data in Financial Markets Concepts and Consequences KARIN KNORR CETINA WERNER REICHMANN 1. INTRODUCTION Imagine the trading floor of a large investment bank in one of the world’s global cities. You may see between 200 (Zurich) and 800 (New York) traders engaged in stock, bond, and currency trading involving various trading techniques and in- struments. Up to twenty percent of the traders may deal in foreign exchange at desks grouped together on the floors. Assume you are interested in this market; with an average daily turnover of

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8989 Market Competition, Public Good, and State Interference ALBERTO AMARAL AND ANTÓNIO MAGALHÃES 1. Introduct ion Over the last decades the relationship between higher education institu- tions and the state has changed from a model of state control to a model of state supervision. Simply put, this new model implies that institutions are given some degree of autonomy; that they self-regulate their behav- iour in response to distant steering from the government. However, gov- ernments began increasingly to interfere in higher education creating what has been