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Hegemony and Counter-Hegemony in Postcolonial Media Theory and Culture RINELLA CERE INTRODUCTION Hegemony and counter-hegemony have been mobilized as key theoretical ap- proaches in the critical analysis of media texts and institutions right from the beginning of Media and Cultural Studies. Similarly, the postcolonial theorists discussed in this chapter have applied the Gramscian concept of hegemony to unravel the dynamics of colonized societies and the aftermath of empires espe- cially in relation to culture. This chapter discusses the

are central and include notions of consent and dissent. Drawing upon approaches from community philosophy and media theory, we con- centrate on the visible aspects smartphone-interfaces. The traces left by the various processes that were at work become momentarily actu- alized on the display, where they manifest not as a fixed community, but as a sense of communality. Anne Ganzer t, Theresa Gielnik, Philip Hauser, Julia Ihls, Isabell Ot to42 Introduction Pokémon Go and Ingress are two Augmented Reality Games (ARGs) produced by the North‑American software

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